iPhone 6 looking more likely to ship with reversible Lightning-to-USB cable

We heard earlier this week that the iPhone 6 could be arriving with a reversible Lightning-to-USB cable, and this rumour would seem to be on the money given the appearance of a video which shows off just such a cable.

This particular droplet of rumour spillage comes from prolific Apple leaker Sonny Dickson, and you can see the video clip above.

It shows the Lightning-to-USB cable box, first off, then the tightly bound cable next to it, and then the cable being plugged in, and turned over before being plugged in again. Yes, with this lead, there’s no need to worry about which way is “up” when plugging in, as either way will work.

If this does come bundled with the iPhone 6 as has been previously suggested, it’ll hardly be a selling point up there with the much larger (possibly sapphire) screens of the new models, but it will be something of a selling point nonetheless. For a long time now, many folks have bemoaned the standard USB cable, as you can almost guarantee if you plug it in without looking, you’ll get it the wrong way up.

In other iPhone news this morning, we’ve seen fresh leakage of new shots which show the iPhone 6 off in all its glory, completely with smoothly rounded edges. This is likely to be one slick device which Apple expects to sell a lot of (Cupertino has cranked up production to hit 70-80 million units this year, according to reports).

Rumoured specs are also starting to appear, with sources indicating the new iPhone will come with a 2GHz CPU, but perhaps only 1GB of RAM (the latter being the same as the iPhone 5S – though the former is a considerable boost).