BlackBerry’s Secure Work Space gets US security clearance on iOS and Android

Blackberry security credentials have received a significant boost after the US Department of Defense [DoD] approved its Secure Work Space for iOS and Android.

The Security Technical Implementation Guide [STIG] approval from the Defense Information Systems Agency [DISA] means that DoD customers can use iOS and Android smartphones and tablets connected to the BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 [BES10] Enterprise Mobility Management solution.

BlackBerry devices that run the same solution have been able to be used for some time and it means that any division within the DoD can now let its staff use the Secure Work Space on iOS and Android devices.

“BlackBerry is the only Enterprise Mobility Management provider that can secure a multi-platform environment based on varying levels of risk and compliance, from meeting the strictest requirements with BlackBerry 10 to providing the most flexibility with support for third-party devices,” said John Sims, president of Global Enterprise Services, BlackBerry.

BlackBerry’s Secure Work Space acts as an encrypted container for mobile devices and inside this there are a number of native applications that include email, calendar, tasks, secure browsing, memos, and document editing. Every one of these can be locked down at the drop of a hat without having an affect on the other applications or data on the device.

The Canadian company first launched the Secure Work Space in June 2013 in an attempt to keep up with the growing demands that bring your own device [BYOD] is placing on organisations when it comes to keeping data secure.

Its latest governmental certification comes after the same Secure Work Space for iOS and Android was awarded the Federal Information Processing Standard [FIPS] 140-2 certification back in March that ensures encryption is at a high enough level to protect sensitive information.

BlackBerry remains one of the solutions that governments trust and in that sense it has 50 certifications, provides mobile solutions to all G7 governments and is the only mobility suite that has the DoD’s Full Operational Capability [FOC] certification.