iPhone 6 set to go on sale Tuesday 14 October

The iPhone 6 will go on sale mid-October, according to the latest rumour from those allegedly in the know concerning Apple’s sales strategy.

The launch event will happen on Tuesday 16 September, according to the source who spoke to MacRumors, and Tuesday 14 October will be the on sale date. This comes direct from an Apple retail store meeting, apparently. It isn’t clear whether this would just be the 4.7in iPhone 6 hitting shelves, or both that and the 5.5in phablet version.

Other sources have indicated the latter may be delayed for a month, or even until the end of the year, either due to manufacturing difficulties, or Apple’s decision to stagger the release so the handsets aren’t treading on each other’s toes in terms of sales.

A Tuesday would be a different tack for a launch, though, as normally Apple kicks off iPhone sales on a Friday to grab a big initial weekend of sales figures. Seemingly, Cupertino is confident there’ll be enough of a clamour for this model (or models) that sales will be strong through the whole week into the weekend (and supply is robust enough to cope).

October is apparently going to be “very busy” for Apple, with a number of devices potentially launching, such as new iPads and possibly the iWatch (or iTime as it was recently referred to in a patent).

Other recent iPhone 6 rumours include the phone not using sapphire glass as was previously speculated (at least not with the initial models), and the fact that the handset is expected to be super-thin.