Has Apple dropped Sapphire Glass from iPhone 6 plans?

It appears that the iPhone 6 might not boast a sapphire glass display, after all – or at least not to begin with, according to the latest piece of gossip on the Apple smartphone front.

This one comes from the Telegraph, which spoke to Trendforce’s LEDinside analysts who said that the sapphire material hasn’t been sent to manufacturing plants ahead of the production lines starting to churn.

The reason for this apparent abandoning of sapphire? The analyst firm reckons that it’s to do with “disappointingly low yield rates”, or in other words, the material has proven too challenging to work with in terms of cost effectiveness for the time being.

Apparently the sapphire glass may be used in later versions of the iPhone 6, but those models which come out this September will use a different form of reinforced glass. Of course, the most recent speculation we’ve seen regarding the screen claimed it would be a blend of sapphire and traditional glass, so this (kind of) ties in.

That said, analyst firms have certainly been known to get things wrong in the past, so this whole thing needs the usual requisite pinch of the white stuff.

Previous rumours have also pointed to the fact that the iPhone 5.5in phablet had been delayed due to difficulties with the yield rates and manufacture of the larger-sized display, but as we reported at the weekend, other sources have said that there hasn’t been a production issue and the staggered release of the two models (4.7in and 5.5in) is actually part of Apple’s sales strategy.

As ever, there are a lot of conflicting signs – we guess the good thing is, we’ll know for sure soon enough, as the launch of Apple’s next handset is only a month and a half away now.