Samsung Galaxy S5 update offers performance boost

An update for Samsung’s flagship smartphone is now rolling out across Europe, bringing better performance to owners of the Galaxy S5.

The OTA patch is for firmware version XXU1ANG2 and has been arriving on unlocked handsets since yesterday, according to Trusted Reviews.

As to what it actually does, Samsung hasn’t detailed the specifics, save to say that it is a collection of small tweaks under the hood of the software to give “improved performance” (which has to be a good thing, of course – providing said tweaks don’t break anything, that is).

The download size is 194MB (which seems pretty hefty for some minor tweakage), followed by a second download of 1MB apparently. This is the second major upgrade for the S5 since the handset’s launch.

Samsung’s flagship seems to have been struggling, with the phone failing to outsell both the older iPhone 5S and 5C models in the UK, at least according to’s mobile tracker.

Samsung may deride the fact that Apple is only just making the leap to the land of 5in displays (well, 4.7in and 5.5in), but the current state of sales doesn’t bode well for how the S5 will fare when the iPhone 6 (and phablet) comes out.