Mobile app of the day: Boxes

At the core of Boxes is a very simple idea. You photograph stuff, then you organise it into virtual boxes on your handset. And yes, the app’s folder icons really do look like little boxes.

Once you’ve got some photos into the app there are lots of different ways to use them. Because you can attach information to images you can make notes of all kinds. This opens up a lot of possibilities. How about the inventory of all the valuables around your home that you’ve been intending to make for ages, for example? You can photograph the items and their proof of purchase. Or if you are a collector, how about maintaining a portable visual record of your collection?

Thinking a little more laterally, perhaps you are building ideas for your new look dining room. Gather photos of furniture, colours, inspirational things you see in your everyday life, all in one ‘box’. The app’s built-in camera software includes filters for adding special effects to your shots, and of course there are links to social sites too. Boxes could be one of those apps you install for one reason, and then use in lots of different ways.

Click here to download Boxes for iOS.

Product: Boxes


Price: Free