11% of young adults will check texts during sex

Things are getting hot and sweaty when all of the sudden you hear that sound: a new text notification. What do you do? If you’d actually interrupt sex to check the message, you’re not alone.

A new study of Twitter and Facebook users finds that a growing number of twenty-somethings have no problem checking text messages while they’re eating, going to the bathroom…or yes, even having sex.

Retrevo, an online consumer electronics marketplace that also posts editorial content related to the tech industry, conducted a survey of tech-savvy adults to see how important it is to them to stay connected.

Nearly half of the 1000 people surveyed said that they habitually check Facebook and/or Twitter when they wake up and 18% said they cannot go more than a “couple hours” without checking their social media accounts.

Of those under 25, only 33% said they disliked being interrupted for a text message, cell phone call, or other related distraction. That’s compared to 62% of people over 25.

49% of the under-25 crowd has no qualms checking their texts during a meal, 24% said they’d do it while they’re going to the bathroom, and 22% during a meeting.

However, as noted by The Huffington Post, the most interesting result is that 11% of those surveyed under the age of 25, and 6% of those over 25, would actually interrupt sex in order to check a new text message.

“We’re not qualified to declare a societal, social media crisis but when almost half of social media users say they check FaceBook or Twitter sometime during the night or when they first wake up, you have to wonder if these people aren’t suffering from some sort of addiction to social media,” wrote Retrevo’s director of community & content Andrew Eisner.