What is Trending for Social Media Optimization in 2018?

Now that the New Year has arrived, there also comes new trends to watch out for. Like any other industry, the marketing world is also prone to these things we call changes and we are constantly seeing new features popping up here and there, like on social media.

Social Media optimization is a trending service in 2018 and If you have noticed within these last six months, we have seen at least two or three updates from Facebook and Snapchat and we highly doubt this will be the last we see of these updates. Facebook’s messenger broadcast is one example of these new features we can enjoy.

We can list many new features out there, this is why we have prepared the top trends for social media optimization to watch out for in 2018.

#1 Using chatbots

Chatbots are now becoming a thing of the future. Most social media pages now have instant automatic replies when you message them, and no, we are not talking about your usual robotic replies we once knew.

Most chatbots are great tools to make an instant connection with your audiences. They provide quick answers to solving everyday solutions.

Chatbots are now becoming more human-like and you can easily customize your answers and personalize messages.

Many people who use chatbots mostly consists of millennials, which usually play a huge role in expanding your consumer market.

Using chatbots can increase your chances of optimization by giving your audience a human experience. We need to remember that most people are shifting towards electronic services, so it is a good time to try chatbots.

#2 Augmented reality and virtual reality

All companies now are shifting towards an augmented reality and virtual reality world. This shift is surely also changing the way social media will work as well.

We are seeing more technology develop in the lines of virtual reality. Currently, the gaming industry seems to be taking over this sector, however, we are slowly seeing a shift towards most services and products today.

An example we can look at includes the iPhone 8, where they have officially incorporated AR in their emoji feature. Even if we look at most tech companies today, we can see that most of them are adopting an AR or VR sector.

Rumor has it, Facebook is developing a new program called Spaces which allows friends to connect via VR. As the owner of Oculus, it is no surprise that Facebook is slowly shifting into this realm of technology.

#3 Social media influencers

Let’s face it, YouTubers are now the official go-to platform for a lot of things. As video content are becoming more popular, so are social media influencers.

These people that are developing their own innovative and creative content that people can simply scroll and get information from. In a way, social media acts like another form of news and these influencers are the news stations.

Social media influencers can help you gain a huge reach. They deliver 11 times the ROI compared to traditional digital marketing and 49 percent of people said they depended on influencers to make a decision. (Source)

So definitely try to optimize your social media content with the help of some influencers.

#4 Live streaming

The rise of social media channels such as Snapchat has started a trend of video-based live event content. This means the form of instant video messaging and live streaming.

It is all about the live videos these days and with so many social media channels like Instagram and Facebook implementing this whole live streaming/live updates, obviously, live is becoming the thing of the future.

To not only promote brands through social media but actually ensuring your customers get to take part in your activities live and present is another thing.

Most people today do not have the time to always go around and attend events, which is why live streaming can keep your audiences engaged without even having to leave the comforts of their home.

Live streaming is surely a method to increase engagement and views.

About The Author:

Hassan Mansoor is the CEO and founder of TechnicalMindsWeb.com. Being a small entrepreneur, He successfully executed many digital marketing campaigns for startups, boost online traffic, and business growth. He has a considerable experience in online marketing and business development.