Want To Boost Productivity In The Workplace?

Keep Your Employees Happy and Healthy

Research has proven that a happier employee is more likely to be productive. Whether you own a small startup or a larger company, productivity is essential to your livelihood, but if you don’t consider the health and happiness of your own employees your business could suffer in a big way.

Here are some ideas to keeping your employees happy and your business thriving.

Offer Gym Memberships or Host Fitness Classes

When people are busy working, they don’t always have the time or motivation to head to the gym after work or during their lunch break. If you provide all of your employees with complimentary (or even discounted) gym memberships, they are more likely to find and make time to work out and focus on getting healthy.

Depending on the size of your company, you may even want to invest in some basic workout equipment like treadmills or an elliptical so that employees could take a fitness break during the day. Some companies will even hire a yoga teacher to come in a few times a month for an employee class.

Consider Ergonomic Office Equipment

While more of today’s office equipment has an ergonomic design, many businesses have limited budgets or find “bargains” on bulk office equipment. A poorly designed office chair and a desk that’s too low can not only cause discomfort, but your employees are more likely to spend less time at their desk working (especially if it’s not comfortable).

Get Workers’ Comp Insurance

If your business size or where you live doesn’t require you to have workers comp insurance for NC employees, it’s strongly recommended to have the insurance anyway. One work-related injury can not only affect the productivity in the workplace, but if it can affect workplace morale.

Many employers think that workers’ comp only benefits employees, but if an employee is injured on the clock and you don’t have coverage, they have the right to sue you.

Encourage Volunteerism

Research reveals that volunteering can make people happier. Whether you offer volunteering opportunities through your company or offer your employees some paid time off to volunteer, you’re taking part in bettering your community and the well-being of your employees.

Offer A “Free” Day For Meeting Goals

Some companies set a goal at the beginning of the week or month, and once that goal is met, employees have the option to take a Friday off or chose to work a half day. It’s an easy way to show your employees some appreciation and that you understand how hard they work.

Make Remote Work An Option

Depending on your business, remote work and flexible hours may not be a possibility. If you can make it a possibility, you may have some employees who benefit and even work better setting their own hours or working from home every once in a while.

Take The Time To Get To Know Your Employees

Getting to know your employees isn’t always the best idea, especially if you end up becoming friends with some or all of them, but it’s important to learn and interact enough to know your employees. Not only will they feel valued, but they are more likely to work hard and respect the company.