Understanding the process and the cost of an hair transplant

Looking good and confident is one of the things, which matters a lot in today’s world. Everyone is quite conscious about how they look and appear. We all know that hairs play their role in facial framing and making one appear good. No one can deny the fact that good thick hair is what everyone desires and so everyone is scared of loosing hairs and if they are already loosing then how to get them back?

With the innovations in technique of doing hair transplant now it is possible to get the natural looking result, which is long lasting. In recent years the number of hair transplant procedures has increased significantly due to the numerous good attributes. But it is very important to know about the procedure and to get an idea about each aspect of the process before going for a consultation and finally for the procedure.

The process starts with the consultation itself as it is during consultation it is decided whether the patient is a candidate for the surgery or not and if yes then how many grafts are required, how will the hairline look like, what result one should expect after the surgery. Once it is decided then some pre-operative tests are done and the person is asked to come on the date of the procedure and should have followed all the instructions given by the doctor/ the clinic.

On the day of the surgery, after taking photos, drawing hairline and after final counseling, the patient is taken in the procedure room. Local anesthesia is infiltrated to make the scalp numb. The hair transplant conceptually is redistributing the available hair roots, which are present in the permanent hair bearing area. In FUE these donor roots are extracted one by one with micro punches. These are then placed in the recipient slits, which are made by the doctor keeping in mind the direction of the existing natural hair.After the process is complete sterile bandage is applied for a day, which is then removed and patient is instructed about how to wash the scalp.After 10-12 days of surgery, scabs are removed. One should maintain patience, as it is a long process till the result. The patient may experience anxiety during the shedding phase where patient may have shedding the full area of transplantation. But this phase is generally temporary and hair growth starts after total of 3 months of surgery and the result generally manifests in around total of 10-12 months.

The other factor, which may cause person to think twice before going for surgery may be the cost.One should understand that the quality result comes with some cost but when one analyzes then it is a very cost effective procedure. The cost of hair transplant depends upon many factors. The number of grafts to be transplanted, the type of the procedure, number of sessions & the skill and experience of the surgeon generally decide the cost. If one thinks that nonsurgical method is cheaper then one must understand that use of hairpiece come with the regular maintenance cost and the cost of changing the piece or the wig.The use of medicine when indicated it should be used considered but it should be kept in mind that discontinuing them will cause coming back to the original state. So, when indicated, the decision to go for hair transplant is worth considering and it is worth the investment in terms of money also and in terms of result also.