Your ultimate guide to the best places to visit in Paraguay

A country that has only recently found its own economic and political leadership, the beauties of Paraguay are not second to many other parts of Latin America. It is a difficult land to reach, it is true, and it does not even have the white beaches or the blue sea of its neighbors. But it can offer so much more. If you want to learn something about the highlights of this country our ultimate guide to the best places to visit in Paraguay is definitely the right article for you.

Overview: what’s hot in Paraguay and why to go

Paraguay seems to be ready to offer its visitors breathtaking beauties and unique attractions in the world. Here you can live completely in contact with nature, visiting tropical forests and one of the eleven natural parks. Not only nature: Paraguay also hides architectural treasures made by the Jesuits who in the eighteenth century arrived in the country to spread Catholic confession.

How to explore Paraguay in an easy and convenient way?

Paraguay has many interesting places to visit besides the center. With a car hire, you can easily manage a wonderful exploring tour to get the best of the country and even more! Of course if you want to do something like this you have to do it right so we highly suggest you to compare prices for Paraguay car rentals by holiday autos, a great and reliable site giving you the chance to compare the best options and choose exactly what you need at affordable prices and without any worry or any stress needed.

Exploring Asunción and its attractions

The main center of the country is undoubtedly Asunción, the capital rich in monuments of the pre-colonial era. The city is located on the Rio Paraguay and is full of charm. In the historic center are buildings of great historical value such as the Palacio de Gobierno, the PanteonNacional de Los Heroes, the Casa de la Independencia, the Palacio de Los Lopez and the National Theater. Also worth seeing is the purple house, a colonial-style building that houses one of the city’s best-known museums.

Best places for a green break

Changing atmosphere and wanting to see a little green, Asunción offers the opportunity to walk in different parks. Like the JardínBotánico, which gives access to the Barro Museum, where you can admire, among other things, the most important modern art collection in the city.

Going East to catch glimpses of the local most authentic culture

The most spectacular part of Paraguay, however, remains the eastern part, where Itaguà, Areguà and San Bernardino on Lake Ypacaraí attract curious and handicraft lovers from all over South America.

An active vacation for sports lovers: best places to have some sporty fun!

Lately, the country has become the favorite destination for sports enthusiasts. Not only for those who love football, but also for those who love physical activity, with hiking, climbing, and rappelling between virgin forests, mountains, and waterways. The activities also include walks, hikes, rides, and guided tours during which you can admire the fauna and flora, as well as the rural areas, located in the Chaco and in the great plain shared with Bolivia and Argentina.

Some other great places to visit to explore the local culture

The most interesting tourist destinations in the country are in the east. Itaguà, for example, is a must for the famous lace artifacts, called ñandutí. Nearby is the picturesque Lake Ypacaraí, along with the towns of Areguá and San Bernardino. To enjoy a more mystical atmosphere, it is advisable to take a trip to Caacupé, the most important religious center in all of Paraguay and a destination for pilgrimages all year round.

Best places to get in touch with the spiritual side of the country

Still, on the subject of religion, the town of Trinidad is home to one of the examples of Jesuit architecture, a church that was still well preserved between 1706 and 1760. To valorize Italpù, however, there are no churches and monuments but a truly majestic dam. Finally, the ParqueNacional Cerro Corá, an area of tropical forest and savannah nestled in the hills, is a must.