Visiting the Baseball Hall of Fame

If you’re a major fan of the Major Leagues (or the Minor Leagues, or college baseball, or T-ball…), then a trip to the National Baseball Hall of Fame may be just the trip for you. The National Baseball Hall of Fame is all about bridging the gaps between generations and remembering the players of every era, so it’s the perfect place for a friends or parent-and-child pairs of baseball fans to visit together.

Getting there

The tough part about visiting the National Baseball Hall of Fame is, of course, its location. Idyllic Cooperstown, New York is a picturesque setting for the museum, but it isn’t the easiest place in the world to get to, particularly on a budget.

Your best bet is to look at a few different travel options and weigh their prices and benefits. Cooperstown’s small nearby airports may not be the cheapest to fly into, but you could fly to a relatively close larger city, like Albany or Syracuse, and then travel from there. Renting a car is an option but you could also reserve a taxi to get you from Albany to Cooperstown (or from Syracuse to Cooperstown). If you fly into Syracuse, slot in some time for a stop to pick up wine and spirits at Pascale’s Liquors.

Taking a cab might be a good idea, because–despite its isolated nature–Cooperstown isn’t necessary the best spot for drivers. If you stay within walking distance of the Hall of Fame, you’ll also be within walking distance of Cooperstown’s best shops, bookstores, memorabilia shops, hat shops, and more (plenty, of course, with baseball flavor). Restaurants and bars abound in the downtown area, too. And one of Cooperstown’s other main draws–its brewery scene–is, of course, best explored by taxi anyway. Never drink and drive!

Visiting Cooperstown

Saving cash in Cooperstown isn’t too tough, as it offers plenty of affordable restaurants and attractions (be sure to check out the Farmer’s Museum and the James Fenimore Cooper Art Museum while you’re in town). The thing to watch out for is lodging. Compare prices on hotels with online tools to get the best rate, and be sure to consider Airbnb, too.

Above all, cost-conscious Hall of Fame visitors will want to avoid induction weekend (also called Hall of Fame weekend). The induction of new members into the Hall of Fame each year is a wonderful event, but it also draws visitors from far and wide, resulting in crowds and sky-high prices at local hotels and other lodging options.

“Baseball is more than a game. It’s like life played out on a field.” — Juliana Hatfield