Traveling This Fall? Here’s What To Pack!

Deciding what to pack for summertime travel tends to be a piece of cake – people tend to pack thin clothing, comfortable walking shoes, a couple swimsuits and then call it a day. Figuring out how to handle packing for fall travel, however, can be a different story. It can often seem a lot trickier. If you want to pack for fall travel that’s on the horizon, these options can work like a charm.


Fall is in many ways an “in-between” season; it’s nowhere near as warm or hot as the summer months, but it’s also nowhere near as cold or chilly as the winter months. That’s exactly why it’s so critical to throw a couple of vests or so in your autumn travel suitcase. Vests are clothing items that conveniently help you maintain warmth in the center of your body, but they don’t ever make people feel excessively hot. If you want to feel particularly good during your journey, you should search for vests that are perfectly water-resistant, since rainfall is always a big possibility in the fall. You should also search for vests that offer insulation.

Merino Wool Items

Another must-pack item is Merino wool clothing, which you can find specially made for travel on the Unbound Merino website. Items that are made out of Merino wool are amazingly toasty and warm, and they can be wonderful on particularly chilly fall mornings. Merino wool items are highly breathable, too – of you despise nothing more than feeling stuffy and restricted,you can’t beat breathable Merino wool clothing. Note that Merino wool also dries quickly. If you want to invest in clothing that dries quickly and that doesn’t need to be washed too often, few things can even compete with Merino wool. You could, if you wanted to, go for weeks without washing Merino wool, which is the reason so many busy travelers reach for it. Travelers often lack the time necessary to manage laundry while they’re on the road, and understandably so.


Leggings are yet another fall travel essential for intelligent folks who like to plan. Leggings are incredibly comfortable and work wonders during long trips. If you’re planning on spending hours and hours on end in planes, on trains and in cabs, then leggings can help you feel nice and cozy. They’re compact and straightforward to pack, and you can throw them on under pieces of clothing, too. If you want to feel warm on a particularly cool fall evening, then wearing leggings directly underneath your pants or jeans can help immensely. If you’re a guy, however, and can’t get away with leggings, just make sure you have a comfortable pair of underwear underneath your jeans (the aforementioned Merino wool makes a great underwear).

You can’t go wrong with these three fall items, each of which help you navigate the often-unpredictable climates of fall. Throw on a vest, buy some comfortable Merino wool basics and cozy up with some leggings or warm underwear. Fall travel never felt this good.