Five Essential Travel Gadgets to Make Your Tedious Business Trip Bearable

Travel the world. The idealistic portrayal of one’s life in the future most commonly found in graduation cards often goes from inspiration to nightmare as you grow up. We’re talking to you, ecstatic youngling – yes, you – ask any seasoned traveler who, at the very mention of the word ‘trip’, will think of all the inconveniences that come with it, especially in business trips.

Spending entire days with your colleagues and co-workers can be pretty awkward and all of the conferences, client trips, and company meetings will easily turn into a nightmare if you’re not careful enough.

If there’s one positive thing technology has bestowed upon us then it’s definitely the ability to make our lives easier. So instead of worrying about a tedious business trip at hand, this is your chance to think of several travel gadgets bound to make your trip more bearable.

What every veteran globetrotter should and will carry in their bag is right below, so you – youngster – should definitely take notes.

Travel Steam Iron

The initial optimism you will feel over the very prospect of a trip to a place you haven’t visited before will crinkle in an instant when you open your bag and realize that your luggage – and that favorite new piece of clothing – went all wrinkled.

A bit of friendly advice; before that happens again – don’t be too proud to pack a travel steamer. There is no need to trumpet the true virtue of an iron, especially when technology advancements brought so many options to choose from.

Imagine a steam iron about the size of a computer mouse which is so practical and convenient – and at the same so powerful. It would be easy to pack and remove wrinkles from packed clothing but does such a thing exist? It does. There is a selection of mini irons with such strong motors inside and various fabric heating levels so wide it will have steam coming out of your ears. Pun intended. These mini irons are powerful and most importantly affordable and bound to become your favorite travel buddy.

Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot & Power Bank

In a constantly connected world, the worst thing you can do is to run out of battery. You already know the feeling. It’s like getting the wind knocked out of you.

Amen, technology. Thanks for giving us gadgets such as Power Banks and – most importantly – Wi-Fi Hotspots. These two replace bread and water for any millennial traveler who gets stuck on a layover, waiting for the next flight that will finally take them to their business trip destination.

Power banks will help you never run out on battery again while the portable Wi-Fi Hotspots are there to always keep you online. What you’ll do to cut the time is up to you. Chat with friends, check your emails or play games. You can even play a game or two at a live casino for instance. Not only are they the latest bulging trend in the online gaming industry but they will serve as a great check for your power bank and Wi-Fi Hotspot device. Live casino games are streamed in real-time and high-quality from an actual studio and therefore should give you a good indication if your power bank holds up well for heavy games and video play.

goTenna Mesh

Traveling to a teambuilding resort on a secluded and an isolated place? You can already get the idea that going off the grid means no signal and no communication with the outer world.

And just in case you’re not quite ready to make such a sacrifice, make sure to pack goTenna Mesh. This portable device keeps you connected even when there is no service and it’s a personal choice of ours so sorry if we’re being a bit biased.

Your boss is a nature freak? You need to make sure you’re connected while hiking upon a remote backpacker trail in the middle of nowhere. God forbid you need help getting out of the woods but goTenna Mesh will let you send texts and GPS locations.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

They come in all shapes, sizes, colors and price ranges and lining up the best ones can be a challenge. In the end, however, they all do the same.

Bluetooth Speakers are a godsend for a business trip hotel room party. Your colleagues will thank you later for remembering to pack this little bastard which helps you transform any place into a dance floor.

Video Recording Sunglasses

Your expectations were low and below, admit it? Yet this business trip has turned out to be a wonderful experience. Your boss took you and the team to a beautiful place but you feel stupid carrying your camera like a proper tourist, clicking it around like mad.

No problem. Enter video recording sunglasses. Create memorable videos and photos from your trip without ever bothering to get your phones or cameras out. They are simple and convenient – protecting your eyes from the sun too while being good looking.

The likes of Spectacles V2 are particularly impressive. Snapchat users will have already been well aware of that.