Best Trekking Sites In Nepal

Are you planning to go for a trek in Nepal? Are you confused as to which trek places you should explore?

If yes, then you have landed on the right page as today we have come up with the solution to your problem. There are numerous trekking sites in Nepal and all of them are worth exploring. However, you must have a time limitation and therefore you need to select your favorite trek sites. Here, we are discussing some of the best trekking places where you should definitely plan to visit in Nepal. So, have a look:

1) Everest base camp trek

Everest base camp trek is the standout amongst the best treks in Nepal. The site is completely perfect for the people who want to adore the awesome close-up perspectives of the world’s largest mountain ‘Mt. Everest’. Additionally, you will get the golden opportunity to meet the Sherpa’s village people and get the flavor of their lifestyles.

In this trek, you will be offered to adore this adventurous yet beautiful place through the delightful high passes and the thundering Dudhkoshi River.

2) Annapurna circuit trek

Annapurna trail is also one of the most stunning trek places in country Nepal. This trail passes through various terrains of the Annapurna district. The trek offers a stunning perspective on the Annapurna, Macchupucchre, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu and Lang tang Himalaya. You will get to explore the natural beauty and culture of the native place.

3) Manaslu circuit trek

The Manaslu circuit trek is one of the most prominent trek place among all. You will get a chance to circumvent the eighth most noteworthy mountain on the planet i.e. Mount Manaslu. The trail traverses the astounding scenes of the Nepal-Tibet border. Also, the beautiful Buddhists monasteries are the eye candy to one’s sight. The trek offers a fantastic affair for those people who are looking to experience some adventurous voyage.

4) Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

It is one of the smallest and easiest places to trek in Nepal.The trek site extremely wonderful especially in the spring season as the most beautiful rhododendron woods bloom at this time. Also, strolling among the terraced farmlands is no less charming experience one can have. You can also look over the alluring sunrise view over the Annapurna range which makes the trek more delightful. One must definitely add this place to their list of trekking places in Nepal.

5) Mustang

Upper Mustang is the most captivating trekking in Nepal. This place has a lot of highlights which differentiates it from all other trekking sites. It is completely segregated from the world and hence the place is able to restore its ancient culture and beauty till the time being.

The old Buddhist monasteries and the caves that have ancient carnations attract visitors to this place. The place is hidden behind the magnificent Himalayan range and is no less than heaven that can be experienced in reality. The place also has a striking territory of a semi-parched desert with profound rock hacks. Undoubtedly, the trek has the most fascinating scene and the rich Tibetan culture.

6) Kanchenjunga base camp trek

The world’s second highest peak in the world has a beautiful journey to explore when going for the trek. One can escapade the rich culture and nature of eastern Nepal in Kanchenjunga base camp trek. The adventure begins in the wild high mountain landscape followed the segregated mountain that touches the Nepal border with Sikkim and Tibet. The place has the most extraordinary wildlife one can get to explore. The place will definitely provide you with a rewarding experience.