Aboard the Simplon-Orient-Express: Why You Must Try This Luxurious Traveling Experience

For the lovers of traveling luxury, there is no better way to make the journey from Paris in France to Istanbul in Turkey than to get on the Orient Express. The travel service has been operating since 1883, and in the many years that it has been in operation, it has catered to the premium traveling needs of aristocrats, royalty, pop stars, and other famous people.

Even getting a chance to see this train is a reward in itself. So, if you are considering getting on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express or VSOE in short, then you are in for a treat.

What’s the Train Like?

The train has been constructed using the European Orient Express service carriages, which go back about a century ago. The carriages have been restored to their original splendor, and you can see an incredible amount of detail on them as you enjoy your trip. Quite simply, the artistry you will find on the train will be impeccable and incredibly impressive. The famous French glass artist, Rene Lalique, was also involved in their design.

Your Luxurious Cabin Options

On each cabin on the VSOE, there is a steward who will cater to your every need as you make your journey. Beyond the top-notch service, the cabins also have fresh linens, fluffy towels, and other supplies that will make the experience very pampering for you. Your steward will change the cabin into the cushiest of sleeping areas when it’s time to lay down and get some rest.

The twin cabin has a lounging area in addition to a table and a cabinet, as well as a washbasin with hot and cold water. You also have the option of using one of the cabins for sleeping and the other for longing, but you have the option to use them as you wish.

The VSOE also has three Grand Suites that have private dining areas in addition to a bedroom, private en-suite bathroom, and a living area. On each of these cabins, you will also get a pair of slippers and a bathrobe.

The On-Board Experience

As you travel on this amazing train, you will enjoy a lot of delights. You can treat yourself to picturesque sites of European natural beauty, and even join in the fun other travelers are having by leaving your door open. Otherwise, travelers are also treated to tea and cakes as they travel. Also note that you will be required to dress up for dinner, and most people prefer a black tie. At the end of the day, you can also enjoy the fantastic “Murder on the Orient Express” cocktails at the bar.

The Meals

The world-class meals served on the Orient Express are prepared by expert French chefs who use fresh local ingredients that are gathered during the journey. While breakfast will be brought to you in your cabin by your steward, lunch will be served to you by Italian waiters. The utensils used are of luxurious quality to ensure that you truly enjoy your experience.


Although the most popular route for this train is from London to Verona or Venice via Paris in France, you can also get on at Venice and travel to places like Vienna, Budapest or even Prague. Every year, the train also makes a round trip from London to Berlin. You also have the option of traveling from Paris to Istanbul and relive the maiden journey the train made over a century ago.

Some Things to Note

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is certainly luxurious, but the train has an authentic design that means it does not have too many modern conveniences. Fortunately, the idea is to have some bit of adventure by exploring major parts of Europe as you travel on this train.

Also note that the fares include meals, but you have to pay for your drinks. Otherwise, the train operates from March to November, and you can get a discount off the price by booking your trip early.

So, get on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express today and enjoy great views of Europe in ways no other traveling mode will.