Top 5 things to do in Al Ain

The city, Al Ain has been described as the perfect “Oasis City” with a particularly dramatic setting. It is surrounded by the Jebel Hafeet which is a ragged mountain range. This city is pretty as well as ordered in terms of transportation and communication for people to get around easily when visiting relatives or going out for a fun time. It ranks among the biggest cities in Abu Dhabi. It is also famous for its beautiful lush green landmarks filled with palm trees. So, if you are planning a trip to the Middle East, make sure you have this place at the top position of your itinerary.

Here are some of the things you can do when in Al Ain.

1-Stay at the best example of luxury:

Al Ain is known for its luxurious and royal treatment especially when it comes to hotels and restaurants. When you check-in at the hotels in Al Ain, you will receive some of the best treatments as a guest looking for great time at the city. The best thing about this city is the fact that you get all this at very affordable prices. Some of the top hotels at Al Ain is comprised of names such as Hilton Al Ain, Danat Al Ain Resort, Al Ain Rotana Hotel, etc.

2-Take trip to Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum:

This palace used to serve as the residence of Sheikh Zayed before he went on to become the president of the country UAE. With time, this royal abode started deteriorating leading to a requirement for restoration which was recently completed by the local authorities to ensure that it reflects the same royal elegance as it used to. A major faction of the information provided inside the palace has been jotted down in the Arabic language. Before you go ahead and check out the palace, make sure you get familiar with the history of this tourist attraction.

3-Click some snaps at Jebel Hafeet:

Al Ain can be described as the house of scenic views among which the major contributor is Jebel Hafeet. If you are looking for some time in peace while gazing at the beautiful horizon, make sure you plan a trip to the Jebel Hafeet. You can plan a drive all the way up to this region surrounded by mountains providing you access to amazing view of the oases and town down below. If you love some adventure, the pathway leading to this access point is narrow and winding which might require one to be careful.

4-Take a look at the awe-inspiring Al-Jahili Fort:

Al-Jahili Fort used to serve as a site of historical importance which underwent restoration by the Sheikh for being used as the summer residence. Later on, it was adapted as an exhibition site and information centre.

5-Cheer during the camel race:

When at Al Ain, attending the camel race event is a must where the scenario gets quite intense while the camels compete against each other while covering a track that is 10 kilometer long. The locals love this sport and the cheering of the crowd is sure to amp up your spirits.