Tips for Backpackers Traveling to Australia

If you have set up a backpacking trip around Australia prepare yourself for a wonderful time and a great adventure. Australia offers the unique opportunity to get back to nature with beautiful scenery ranging from the national forests scattered throughout, to outback deserts, to secret beaches hidden along both the east and west coasts. Australia also has some of the most beautiful cities in the world with multiple cities featuring in the top 20 livable cities in the world. Enjoy Australian culture and food, all within a safe and inviting environment.

For backpackers, Australia represents an inviting location that can offer first class amenities, no matter your budget. When it comes to accommodation however, in terms of price and location a hostel is your best bet. There are many great ones in the country, but you need to make sure you do your due diligence to select one of the best possible options. When choosing accommodation, there are a couple of aspects that should be looked at:

Select a Hostel That Has a Great Reputation

Backpackers will generally look for lower cost accommodations, however it is important not to sacrifice price for quality. Australia has many great hostels, in fact many of its major cities excel and are known for their backpacker accommodation. But it is important to remember that similarly to hotels and Airbnb’s, not all hostels are created equal. When you search for hostels make sure to select one that has a reputation for being safe, clean and that has firm rules and regulations for how guests must conduct themselves. Especially in a different country, you want to make sure you and your belongings are going to be safe.

Look for Special Features at the Hostel

You can also look for special features that you might not expect at a hostel. The typical hostel setup is one with dormitory style sleeping arrangements, shared bathrooms and small common areas. However, many newer hostels now offer private accommodations with bathrooms and feature many large common areas for guests. In other words, you get all of the things you love about a hostel with the increased privacy and amenities options of a hotel. So be sure that when you are selecting a hostel, that you look for your wish list of amenities.

After accommodation has been sorted there a few other areas that we recommend familiarizing yourself with to make sure your trip and experience runs smoothly.

Plan your Activities in Advance

Depending on the date of your trip, the Australian city you choose can potentially be really crowded with tourists, so you will need to book your activities in advance. This could mean visiting parks and landmarks, purchasing tickets to a play or a sports event or even going to a museum or art gallery. By booking early you can not only save on time but also money, so make sure to get in before the crowds.

Learn about the Local Culture and Customs

Before you take your trip Australia, take some time to learn about local Australian culture and customs. The land down under has a distinct heritage that is quite different from everyone else. They have their own idioms and idiosyncrasies and understanding them will make your trip more pleasurable. You should also make sure to have an understanding of their laws, both local and those around immigration, as Australia has very strict border protection policies. Putting in the time to become knowledgeable about these things can save you time, unneeded stress and money too.

If you are looking for a fascinating and thrilling experience that won’t eat through your wallet, then Australia is a wonderful place to visit and by following these tips you are sure to have a truly enjoyable vacation.