Technology as a Game-Changer for Vacation Rental Managers

Automation is something every business owner can benefit from, especially if you generate income from real estate rentals. Using automation software is a no-brainer for setting up efficient business processes, which will you to save time and grow your small business.

Hosts and companies with several accounts and listings can’t rely on Excel spreadsheets and can’t afford mistakes caused by human error. With vacation rental management software, you should have no problem keeping up with every aspect of renting out your property.

There is a variety of different automation software programs out there specifically designed for this purpose. Before selecting a tool that will suit your needs, you need to make a list of business operations you want to automate. Here are some general features that regular vacation rental software can offer.

1. Automated Communication with Guests

Usually, a person who is interested in your rental property will have a variety of questions they need an answer. Getting a rental management software program with tools that can help you see and respond to these queries is a must. Failing to respond to the questions or concerns a prospective guest has can lead to a disaster.

You want to make sure you respond quickly and correctly to these questions so that the prospective guest knows that you are serious about customer service. This is when an automated and messaging function can come very handy. With this automation function, messages are sent instantly based on triggers. No matter how many accounts and listings you have, decent vacation rental software will allow you to manage all the communication within a single inbox.

2. Multi Calendar Synchronization with Different Platforms

The majority of hosts and vacation rental companies are more likely to feature their property on several platforms like Airbnb, VRBO, and A vacation rental software program usually allows you to synchronize the calendars from all the platforms and manage bookings directly from one multi-calendar. This helps you to avoid double bookings by being able to manage all reservations on a single dashboard.

3. Team management

A team management feature is especially relevant for vacation rental companies. Vacation rental management usually involves several people. Using a software program should be easy for all of them. The software you choose should include a collaboration feature that is easy to use for all of your team members. Some advanced software such as AirGMS allows you to grant special access to each of your team members.

4. Managing Guest Reviews

Another important feature you need to look for in a rental management software program is the ability to manage the reviews you receive. Encouraging customers to leave a review of your property is a great way to attract new clients. With the right software program, keeping track of and automating your review process will be a breeze.

5. Auto notifications and mobile app

In the modern world, getting information at the speed of life is crucial. This is especially important if your business depends on fast replies and reactivity. The right vacation rental software is going to send you notifications whenever you get a booking or a message from a guest. This way you won’t miss any event. In the mobile age, it is also highly important that the software you choose is mobile friendly and has an app. You should look for this feature when trying to find the best software management program for your business.

Doing extensive research on the various rental management software programs on the market is the only way to ensure the right one is chosen. You can use the review platforms such as G2crowd to check out the reviews from other users and read about the functionality of each tool. Automation is key in the modern world, so, don’t underestimate its power. With a software program that can cover all of your needs, you can generate more income from your properties.