List of Campgrounds Around Chicago To Enjoy Weekends in the Wilderness

Chicago is a huge city but the wilds are not far away. Are you not fed-up with same warm-weather weekend routine like drinks in the evening on Fridays, participate in some street festival on Saturdays, and feast on Sunday? It is not bad but have you ever considered about enjoying the wilderness that surrounds you.

There is no need to go out of the city to be with Mother Nature but Chicago has the best campgrounds. Camping trip is an ideal way to ease summertime and enjoy coolness of fall. For first time capers here is a list of campgrounds to enjoy around Chicago.

  • Kettle Moraine State Forest [distance 2 hrs. 15 minutes] – The area in Wisconsin covers 22,000 acres including more than 100 miles of trails with landscape designed by 10,000 years old Ice Age with a bad rep. You can camp at the campgrounds or chose to backpack in a primitive shelter.
  • Indiana Dunes State Park [1 hr.] – It is a family and dog friendly beach getaway. A blend of sandy shores, forested and grassy trails, which can be accessed via South Shore Line.
  • Sand Ridge State Forest [3 hrs.] – The Forest covers 7,200 acres to the Southwest of Peoria in Illinois. This area was designed by severe glacial outwash and reared by meteorological occurrences. As soon as the glaciers receded, this region experienced a spell of arid conditions, which caused many animals and plants to migrate. Sand Ridge offers challenging hikes via landscapes like towering pine plantations, oak savannah, and sand prairie. Bird watcher can spot elusive scarlet tanager or vibrant indigo bunting.
  • Apple River Canyon State Park [2.5 hrs.] – Apple River Canyon is a Rocky and rugged terrain sitting on Northwest junction of Illinois. This place is not touched by the glaciers, so offers great hiking trails with scenic views. You can enjoy trout fishing in spring but in summer enjoy swimming whole day.
  • Turkey Run State Park [3 hrs.] – Turkey Run is a scenic route including deep ravines, bluffs, and cliffs. The trail is difficult calling for a leg day on vacation. You can get those adrenalin flowing with floating, canoeing or swimming in Sugar Creek. Drifting below those popular covered bridges on hot summer days is just awesome. Pitch you tent at some campsite or rent a cabin.
  • Governor Dodge State Park [3 hrs.] – The place lies to the west of Madison and includes 5,000 acres of land covered with rich valleys and ancient sandstone bluffs. For off road trails bring a motorbike or get saddled up on a horse. You can even carry your fishing gear to catch lots of them at the stocked lakes. Bouldering at Dodge is also available for those who are interested.
  • Chain O’Lakes State Park [1 ½ hrs.] – The place represents native Illinois with Prairie and Savannah sprawling around. Abundance of wildflowers grow all season and you can instantly get stunning pictures posted on Instagram. This is a great Park, where you can learn about wild life and their habitat as well as stargaze. You can even participate in paddling at the Fox River.
  • Camp Bullfrog Lake [45 minutes] – This place is a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. This is a glacial outwash area, so you can expect varying terrain perfect for flat-landers. You can mountain bike, hike, fish, and camp. There are several camping sites including RV camping, large group sites, cabins, and tents.

If you desire to go on an afar destination from Chicago then check the St George RV Park & Campground online. St. George is popular as an entertainment & art centre. All throughout the region, you will get to see historic sites and museums.

The RV parks are spacious including parking, paved streets, concrete patio, cable TV hook ups, and telephone service. You can even get desirable amenities like lounge, exercise room, internet connection, swimming pool, and more. The grocery stores, movie theatre, restaurants, and different shops will be found in close proximity. Golf fans can enjoy golfing at St. George, Utah.