How to Use Travel Luggage Properly?

Effective packing is a skill which not everyone is good at. Between folding and rolling and rolling-smaller-clothes-within-larger-clothes, we have never really known what the best way to pack our luggage is.

Some expert opinions and a bit of research from websites like My Travel Luggage have helped us get over this dilemma by offering us a couple of options. So here is how you use travel luggage properly:


Let’s start off with the clothes. You need to place all the necessary clothing items in a bag and not let them get too wrinkled in the process. You can carry a small, travel-sized iron with you to iron your clothes if the wrinkles are too nasty.

Try to be economical and not carry too many clothes. Depending on your traveling duration, you can easily make do with 2-3 bottoms and 5-6 tops and mix-n-match. Bottoms are generally more reusable than tops. You can really just walk around in the same pair of jeans for a week and no one will notice if your tops keep changing. As soon as you repeat a top the consecutive day, the stares will begin.

Simply folding your clothes and placing them on top of each other is the best way to keep the clothes wrinkle free. But, depending on how many days you plan to travel, it is possible that not all of your clothes will fit and there will be no space left for other items. So, you can place the clothes vertically, in rows after folding them. This clears up a whole lot of space for more clothes and even other items. It is also a good way to not let too many wrinkles show up.

Another method many people prefer to use is rolling. Rolling the clothes is a nightmare for starched shirts and pants because of the wrinkle hazard, but it is the most efficient way to pack while saving place. You can place the rolled clothes in rows or you can even roll them on-inside-the other.

After these considerations, we came to a conclusion that we should deploy both methods when packing. So basically, roll all your t-shirts, pajamas, yoga pants and all because they are less prone to wrinkling and are casual clothes. Fold your starched shirts and corduroy pants and gently place them over the folded rows to prevent wrinkles.


As for shoes now, the best way to pack them is by first tightly wrapping them in a shopping bag. Then, you place these shoes on the sides of your clothes so as to not let them take too much space.

Cosmetic Products

Cosmetics are also a must have. Keep travel-sized bottles of everything like shampoos, face washes, foundations, and primer. Tape their caps tightly shut when packing. Avoid bringing individual lipsticks and single eye shadows. Instead, try to bring a lip palette with a range of colors that you can mix and a good eyeshadow palette as well.