How to travel to Greece from Italy

Being two peninsular countries, Italy and Greece have a mutual coastline which outlines the great Mediterranean sea. Both of these countries have been homes to the most ancient civilizations and taking a trip to Greece from Italy can be a joyous trip depending considering the calming view of blue waters. Travelling from Greece to Italy for the sake of exploration or to simply attend some important business offers a number of routes and travel options from which you can choose the one which fit best your needs. The selection of travelling option highly depends upon your comfort, time and budget preferences.

Travelling by air:

If you are planning a short trip to Greece from Italy, it is always best to travel by air. The favorite Italian airline Alitalia offers you travel routes from Italy to the famous city of Athens in Greece. You can travel from the Italian cities of Rome or Milan to the ancient city of Athens. If you are travelling on a limited time and still want to enjoy the travel duration, hopping on one of these flights can prove to be highly beneficial for you. The famous Greek airline, the Aegean airline also offers flights from Athens back to Rome or Milan. If you are travelling on a limited budget, you can board on of the Athens bound flights from Milan which are offered by Easyjet airline. Avoid getting caught in cheap travel packages as their providers will ultimately suck the rest of the charges in the form of service fees on every other flight facility from you.

Travelling from Italy to Greece with the ferry:

If you have a lot of travelling time in your hands and want to make most of your trip to Greece from Italy, travelling from ferry is the best option for you. Several companies such as Super-fast offer ferry rides which are bound to take passengers from the Eastern coastline of Italy to the Western Coastline of Greece. Travelling from Italy to Greece with the ferry will require you to reach the Bari coastline by boarding on one of the city train having Bari as their destination. Once you reach the Bari coastline, you can board a Greece bound ferry which will drop you to the Patras city. The packages, ferry availability and other related facilities highly depend upon weather and sea conditions. You can also opt for a personal dorm or cabin if the weather is highly pleasant. Keep a window of over 10 hours of travelling time if you are planning on travelling from Italy to Greece with the ferry.

Train traveling:

Train travelling between Italy and Greece shall only be opted when time is not a concern. At an average, train travelling will take over 3 days and several changing of stations along the way. You can board on any train from the cities of Italy to reach the Munich station. Afterwards, companies such as Rail Jet can drop you to the Thessaloniki station in Greece after boarding on a chain of trains along the way.