Electronic Travel Authorization – Everything You Need To Know Before Applying For It!

While travelling is always thrilling and exciting but it might take some careful preparation depending on your destination and where exactly you are travelling from. Moreover, apart from getting best deals for hotels and flights and choosing the right items to carry, you might even have to first apply for your Visa. After all, it is the most important aspect of travelling abroad.

To eliminate the hassle of going to country’s embassy for the visa and other such issues, today, most of the countries have kept electronic travel authorization or e-Visa in place to highly simplify the overall application process along with ensuring higher security. Before we further dig deep into it, let’s first brush up with the basics to ensure you fully understand all the relevant things about it.

Basics on eVisa and eTA you need to know

  • eVisa – Well, electronic visa (e-Visa) is basically an entry requirement which is performed online. It is stored in computer which is then linked to passport number that is being used for request. It greatly simplifies the entire visa issuance process since it requires no stamp, sticker, or label to be placed on passport before travelling. The application is completely being processed over Internet.
  • eTA – eTA stands for electronic travel authorization which is entry requirement for the visa-exempt foreign travelers that are transiting or travelling to a country by air. It enables the transit or destination country to screen the travelers before they even arrive. It increases security and visibility.

Applying for Electronic Travel Authorization

If you too are tempted to fly to Canada, you can apply online for your eTA just by visiting eta-canada-visa.com. You will likely be required to input following basic information.

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • City of birth
  • Gender
  • Passport number
  • Marital status
  • Passport issue or expiry dates
  • Occupation
  • Country of school or employment

Applying for eTA is a quick, simple, and easy online process. Applicants require a credit card, valid passport, and a valid email. They can then get the eTA approval through their email.

Their application is stored and linked to their passport number. All of the visa records are then stored in database that allows online checking of the visa details by airline staff, visa holders, as well as the registered country’s organizations.

The need of presenting yourself physically is eliminated here. The application will be performed online completely in just few clicks. It will offer you with advance permission for visiting the country.

Now you might want to know how can the applicant’s identity be verified online, right? Well, there is online ID verification system which verifies physical and electronic security features automatically of the identity documents. This software is coupled with a reliable biometric identification that ensures that document bearer is indeed a rightful owner which is even entitled applying for visa.

Most of the countries today have simplified and streamlined their application process of visa already. You can visit their official website to gain more information about it!