Best Travel Hacks for Visiting Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the most popular tourist destinations, however, it not at all cheap. Smaller things will turn into a big fortune that may hinder your travel plans. However, there are some travel hacks that can not only save you money but will make the trip more enjoyable, hence memorable.

Here are some of the best suggestions that applies to the Los Angeles area entirely:

Look up for Movie Screenings

Hollywood is what Los Angeles is known for all across the globe. But the sightseeing and studio tours may cost you a great deal. An inexpensive way is to look up for the pre-release screenings. There is a multitude of websites that offer free of cost screenings or even pay you in return to see a film and provide a feedback.

Score Free Parking

Whether you are in an RV rental or a car, one thing that can help save a great deal of money is to score free parking. One of the local secrets that most of us don’t know about is that you can park at yellow loading zones for free on Sundays and after 6pm for the rest of week.

Use a Limo Company

Travelling is not only expensive in Los Angeles but all across the U.S. Only the travelling costs can build up to a great deal of money. Most people tend to use Uber but the peak-hours can further cost you a lot of money. Rather, it is recommendable to use a limo company like Ross Limo to drive in comfort of a private luxury car for the same price. Instead of investing money in Uber or any other taxi service, limos can be ideal to have a comfortable and leisure trip of the Los Angeles.

Have Mexican Food

Casual Mexican food joints, taco trucks of the LA and hot dog stands are just the right thing if you want to dine like a prince and save money at the same time. Mexican food is not only widely available but cheap as well. It is delicious and missing the Mexican deals is just not the right thing to do.

Beach Camping

Good hotels can cost over $100 per day. This is why this hack is just the right one for you. The campsite starts at $10 a day. Fortunately, there are campgrounds in the mountains and along the coast as well. Just look for different campsites and you will find cheaper alternatives to hotel rooms.

Watch a Band Residency

Los Angeles is also known for its music. There are a lot of local music bands that one can enjoy live. Most music venues will cost you, but there are few that conduct artist residencies every Monday. This is how you can enjoy music at a very low cost.

The Bottom Line

Los Angeles is a place we cannot miss. These hacks are absolutely perfect if you want to save money and enjoy it at the same time.