Airlines are making more money on add-ons: Checked bag fees in US are going up

The ticket for a flight is no longer the only price travelers need to be aware of. In recent times many fees have emerged, leaving customers confused about final prices when they book. Fees apply with most airlines when it comes to meals, seat selection and many other services. Add-on fees are one of the biggest revenue streams for airlines after flight tickets have become less pricy.

Lately, many European airlines have already increased prices on checked bags and now many American airlines have chosen to do the same. A recent study made by LuggageHero states prices for checked bags with 9 major airlines in the US. Airlines included are Frontier, Spirit Airlines, Southwest, American Airlines, JetBlue, Alaska, Delta, Hawaiian airlines and United.

JetBlue started it and United followed…

JetBlue was the first US airline that chose to increase the prices and quickly after, United followed. 8 out of 9 airline companies listed in the study charge for checked bags! Prices range from $25 – $65 per bag for the first bag and additional charges for the second bag. Always remember to check your airline for fees before you book.

The winner is…

If you’re traveling with luggage – and let’s face it, most people are, there’s one US airline that has yet to add a fee for checked bags (At least the first two pieces of luggage). SouthWest came out as being the only airline out of the 9 presented in the study that does not add a fee if you want to check in one or two pieces of luggage.