6 Things to Consider when Planning a Trip to Jordan

Located in the Middle East, Jordan is a country with a lot to offer to travelers. From the desert and olive groves to scuba diving and ancient ruins, there is so much to see and do. Despite being surrounded by Syria, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Iraq, Jordan enjoys peace and maintains good relations with countries such as the US and the UK. If you value your traveling life and are considering making a trip to Jordan, here’s what you need to factor in your plan:

1. Processing a Travel Visa

As a foreigner, getting a tourist visa is pretty easy in Jordan. People from different countries can easily get a 1-month visa for $28 upon arrival. Changing money can be done at the immigration or visitors can use credit cards to pay for goods and services during their stay.

2. Conscious Dress Code

Being a Muslim state, women are expected to dress conservatively. Though some visitors get away with scanty dressing, it is better to respect the local culture. Women don’t have to cover their hair but it is helpful to keep their legs covered and wear loose cardigans or shirts. There are situations where keeping hands uncovered doesn’t raise eyebrows but this might happen in some occasions. It is therefore best to keep a cardigan close just in case one needs to cover the arms like when entering a Bedouin camp. At the minimum, it is best to keep the knees and shoulders. When staying in Red Sea and Dead Sea resorts, swimming costumes and bikinis can be used. If you enjoy hiking, Jordan offers numerous hiking sites including Wadi Rum, Petra and nature reserves. You’ll need sturdy hiking shoes for this.

3. Know when to Make your Trip

The weather in Jordan is generally hot most of the year. The best time to visit the country is in the months of October and April. Though warm at this time of the year, the weather isn’t too hot during the day neither are nights too cold. Of the two months, April is a better time because besides the good weather, the country has greener landscapes that come right after winter rains.

4. Learn Several Arabic Phrases

In any country, people appreciate when foreigners are able to speak a few phrases in local language. Make an effort of learning basic words in Arabic before you visit the country. Though most people in Jordan can speak English, they’ll be excited to hear foreigners converse in local language, even if they do so in just a few words.

5. Travel with Personal Gadgets

Before you set off for Jordan, you’ll need to pack some gadgets and personal effects to help make your trip more comfortable and rewarding. Be sure to bring a head torch, this comes in handy when you stay in areas that have no electricity connection. Also bring sun cream, sun glasses and a hat for use during hikes. Consider taking an Arabic iPhone app or phrasebook just in case you need help with translation.