6 Reasons to Visit Morocco for Your Next Vacation

You will probably not even know where Morocco is on the world map. Well let me introduce this wonderful country to you.

Morocco is filled with topological variations. It has deserts and coastlines, sparse villages and towering cities. You will find Morocco to be a haven for relaxation and a great spot for a vacation with your family. There is much to do here for everyone from the bag packers and solo travelers to the couple and families. Morocco will keep you busy throughout, unfolding in a vibrancy of colors and occasions.

So, let me give you the hints of what waits for you in Morocco while you are deciding your holiday spot.

1. Ride a camel on the dunes of Sahara

If you visit Morocco then the first thing that you should be doing is getting hold of a camel and going for a long ride over the sand dunes of the Sahara.
I assure you the ride is going to be uncomfortable. You are going to feel all your bones as you keep bobbing up and down. But I can also assure you that this ride will leave you completely satisfied.

There is a different feeling to watching the vivid colors of the desert. And if you get the opportunity to spend a night in the desert, then take it. The starry nights of Morocco are really famed. And because of low light and air pollution there will be a lot of stars to gaze at.

2. Relax at the beach of Essaouira

Essaouira is the favorite city of many tourists who come to Morocco for a relaxing vacation. With its beautiful Atlantic coastline and sandy shore, it is a sight for sore eyes. The sight of the frothy waves crashing is truly a mesmerizing sight.
And the fresh air that has a faint lingering smell of fish is sur to keep you elated. There is honestly no better place to relax than here in Morocco.

The fish market is quite famous too. The locals cook up some tasty delights which will leave your taste buds craving for more.

3. Gorge on food at Café Clock

You want good food and a brilliant ambience then Café Clock is the place for you. This place is definitely the dream for any food lover. After eating the delicacies of this place, you are going to wish to be hungrier.

This café is influenced from the western style which makes it even more welcoming. This place is quite well renowned for its infamous camel burger, which is supposedly finger-licking good.

4. Have a look at the Dar-al-Makhzen Palace

Made out of yellow sandstone this beautiful structure is quite an eye catcher. From the outside it might look a little boring but it loves to be deceiving in that way.
The palace contains a library, mosque, garden and a cookery school inside. It is a really great place for some of your Instagram pictures and stories.
The place might look a little daunting because of the guards there but you need not worry. Just hold on to your passport and everything will go smoothly. You can even plan out Morocco tours through local agencies. It will definitely help.

5. Take a walk in the Medinas

It is usually suggested to not get lost in new places. But Medinas or the local markets are definitely worth getting lost in.

The place is crawling with twisted and turning paths and corners, each time throwing open a very different sight. You will find a lot of different things from local jewelry and clothes to antiques and bizarre objects.

This is an experience that will leave you tired but obviously happy. If you are a person who loves to go on shopping sprees than you better be careful, because you might end up with more than you ever wanted in the first place.

6. Trek along the Atlas mountain range

This is something for the adventure seekers who like to challenge the orthodox.
If your legs feel like it then the Atlas range is definitely a great choice for a bit of group trekking.

The hike here will let you reunite with the pristine nature and skipping river bed. It is a soothing place for anybody. And even if you are not very fond f hiking you should atleast visit the lower ranges for the views.

Morocco is filled with surprises. It can be quite a handful sometimes. But rest assured you will definitely have an eventful trip.