5 Unique Things to Do in Prague

When you are in Prague, there are tons of things to do but when you have done and seen all the obvious touristy things; it’s time to get a new checklist. Apart from the famous monuments like the castle, cathedral tower etc, there are a lot of things that Prague has to offer. If you are going to be there for a considerable amount of time then we recommend you to go through some off beaten paths and do something different than what most people do. This is how you can truly discover Prague and enjoy an enriching trip.

1. Discover Alternative Art

Prague has a rich history, as is evident on every part of its streets and buildings. The end of the communist era in Prague saw people express themselves more individualistically and their free thinking spirit gave rise to a new form of art that is still very much evident on the streets of Prague. So after you have figured out where to stay in Prague, visit the Smíchov district for instance is historically known for its historic factories that once played a major role in building up Europe’s economy. Now these abandoned factories have been converted into buildings of art.

2. Discover Nature

Prague is not only a beautiful city with its well laid paths and quaint structures brimming with history. There are many hidden nature spots in the country too; you can discover many beautiful parks if you look closely. Divoká Šárka is one such place that you need to visit if you want to escape the city. This is a natural reserve that is located on the northwestern edge of Prague. There are many things you can do here like hiking, golfing or just a small stroll in the woods. Letná Park is another place you can visit to enjoy the amazing views of Prague’s old town.

3. Have a Beer

Your trip to Czech Republic is incomplete without a pitcher of beer and the best place to have it? Prague of course! The capital has a long standing relationship with beer, which is often cheaper than water. We are not even going to recommend you any specific pub because you will get exquisite beer at every nook and corner of Prague. Pilsner Urquell, Kozel, Lobkowicz and Černá Hora are some famous beer brands that you must try in Prague.

4. Visit The World’s Most Beautiful Library

Prague’s Strahov Library is a vision to behold and you don’t have to be a book nerd to appreciate the spell binding beauty of this library which was voted as the world’s most beautiful library. It is located at the Clementium complex and the highlight of this library is the gorgeous collection of frescos adorning the roof. This library also has a stunning book collection; many of them are rare volumes that are not found anywhere else in the world. When you are done checking out this library, you can also head out to The Prague Municipal Library which houses a spiraling tower, made entirely of books.

5. Discover An Offbeat Street Art

Prague saw a significant development in the freedom of expression after the fall of the communist government. There are many art structures scattered in the streets of Prague that resonate the people’s need to embrace their individuality after the following the rules forced on them by the communist government. Lennon wall is one such famous example among many others. This wall is filled with graffiti’s and is dedicated to John Lennon. Pop music was one of the things banned in the communist regime and this wall is therefore symbolic as the resistance of Czech’s Youth against their then communist government. Apart, from the Lennon wall, there are many other art structures scattered throughout the streets of Prague.

So these were the five things that you absolutely must see in Prague if you want to follow the path less travelled. They will definitely add on your experience and a trip to Prague will be even more memorable after visiting them.