5 Things to Consider Regarding Dubai to Mumbai Tour

Going from a paradise like Dubai to a crowded city like Mumbai should have some good reasoning behind it, because there is not a lot around there which you cannot find in Dubai. However, we can assure you that there are a lot of activities in Mumbai which can keep you engaged and busy during your tour, and you will not feel as if your visit to such a culturally rich city was in vain.

So before you get on that Dubai to Mumbai flight, consult this article to know exactly what you can expect from your stay in Mumbai.


There are a lot of entertainment parks around Mumbai which attract tourists, and some of the famous ones include Smash (if you are interested in sports), Jehangir Art Gallery (if art is your cup of tea), and a lot of Bollywood sets.

The Canvas laugh factory is also located in Mumbai which hosts some of the best standup comedy shows especially if you understand the native language. Further entertainment includes water parks which are full of all kinds of diverse people on all days of the week!


You can do high class shopping in Mumbai, although a person from Dubai should not really be as fascinated and interested in that aspect as he/she should be in the cultural shopping streets which exist throughout Mumbai. One such street is Linking Road (Bandra), which is one of the most famous cultural shopping streets for women in India.

Other than that, you are always free to visit well-constructed malls like Palladium which exist in the commercial heart of the city.

Midnight Experiences

If your purpose of coming to Mumbai revolved mostly around partying with some of your friends or getting to know new people to party with, then this city which is famous for not sleeping even on the longest of nights has amazing clubs like Royalty and Canvas waiting for you. You simply need to provide your identity, get a ticket, and dance your hearts out in these alive clubs which go on till the sun rises.

Food Items

People in India are obsessed with Zomato guiding them to the best food, and you can expect Mumbai to be an accurate representation of that because Zomato is indeed the standard recommender of dining in the town. Foreigners should try out signature dishes like ‘dosas’ which are available in places like Poptates and Anand Dosa.

The melting flavors of the dishes offered in food streets will make you want to visit Mumbai again and again.

Other Tourist Spots

Mumbai also has a lot of sandy beaches, one of the best of them being Aksa beach. There are also many gateways and diving spots which are used for scuba in the city, and you will find curious foreigners like you wanting to try out the roads and the sea around this new place all the time.

These places, along with those mentioned above, are the ones you should seriously consider going to on a trip to Mumbai.