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5 Effective Tips for First-Time Travelers to Europe

Do you know one of the best things in life? Well, it’s not money but the experiences that money can buy.

When you travel, especially to places you have never been, it’s a new and unique experience that can increase the quality of life and life satisfaction itself.

If you’ve decided to visit Europe, a continent that has the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Alps, St. Peter’s Basilica, the stonehenge, etc. — you’re going to love this article.

Europe is a classic and exotic location. In 2016 alone, Europe had about 616 million tourist arrivals.

To make your visit to Europe a memorable and fulfilling experience, you need to consider these tips:

1. Make your load as light as possible

While it is important to pack most of the things you’ll need on the journey, you must also be conscious that you may have to move around a lot during your trip to Europe.

Having heavy bags could lead to much suffering rather than enjoyment during your journey.

If you’re going to do some tasks over there, make sure you have your tool kit with you. Also, a comfortable shoe should be at the top of your list as it makes your movement more comfortable.

2. Avoid Peak Period

As much as you love people, going to Europe during the peak periods may get you brainstorming about crowd control rather than enjoying the sights before you.

It is advisable to travel to Europe during the off-season (November-March) and shoulder season (April-June). At this time, there are fewer tourists and all the popular sites are easier to access.

Apart from this, you get to spend less as the price of flights and vacation rentals drop during the off-season.

3. Have a plan

If you’re embarking on such a journey, it is important to have a plan of the places you’ll need to visit while in Europe. Part of your plan include where you’ll lodge on the trip. How many countries do you plan to visit?

Where will you stop to lodge in each of those countries? Answering these questions before your journey will save you a lot of headache during your stay. It is also important to have your passport with you as this will aid your movement as you move from one European country to another.

4. Smile and be polite

You’re going to a new place. You may have a different experience to your expectation when you get there. Most times the locals will have to bail you out when you miss a direction.

You will need to go to restaurants and even travel. The thing is that a good relationship with some of the locals (and little knowledge of their language) will save you a lot of stress. They can even give you a tip that could make your trip much more enjoyable.

5. Explore as much as possible

The aim of your trip is having a worthwhile experience. If you have to veer and visit some places you never planned to, you might as well do it. Europe has an extensive rail network and this would make your transportation easier and cheaper as you explore Europe.


Travelling to Europe is bound to be a great experience if you prepare and follow these tips. And it would be an experience that you would continue to treasure for years to come.