5 Destinations Everyone Want to Visit in 2018

It’s almost summer time and we are certain that you love the newfound sunshine and fresh outdoor breeze. Every traveller is in the hope for a wanderlust adventure similar to those experienced on the famous Eat, Pray, Love need to pack a few summer travel essentials before departing for their exotic vacation away. First, a pair of sunglasses that is fashionable and economical (in case you lose them in the water) yet also versatile with ultra high index lenses for those with strong prescriptions is a must. Next, an all-purpose swimsuit for those unexpected snorkelling tours or waterfall promenades. Then add in a bottle of SPF 60 sunscreen to protect the skin and a sun hat for your face and you’re ready for this adventure of a lifetime. Every year, the magazine Travel and Leisure comes out with a list of the top travel destinations. We noticed a few unconventional destinations that are definitely worth the visit.

Valletta, Malta

The country of Malta is one that not many people know of, yet it holds a rich history as a landmark that held true during the time of the Moors, the Knights of Saint John and the Romans. The city of Valletta is especially a force to be reckoned with as in and of itself it is considered a UNESCO World Heritage site. The first thing you’ll notice about its city landscape that eludes to its sparkling blue water with hundreds of white boats is that it not only resembles its next-door neighbour, Sicily, but it is enclosed by a wall that dates back to 1565.

Iya Valley, Japan

For the traveller who wants to explore Asian countries, the Iya Valley of Japan is an unforgettable island that houses Class Four rapids. This is for the adventurous type who wants to get lost in the mountain and awake calmly to the chirps of birds in the morning, various hiking trails and zipline trails are available in the canyons due to increased popularity after the 2017 World Rafting Championship that it had the privilege to host.

Petra, Jordan

Finally, if you always wanted to see the Middle East for yourself but have been on the fence about safety, then Jordan is the best spot for you. Its famous landmark of Petra, also referred to as Al Khazneh, you can admire the grandiose rocks and rose-colored sand for yourself. If you have a penchant desire to see Roman settlements, then you must see the Jersah settlement where you will view the earliest carvings of the alphabet.

Seville, Spain

Seville has been reinvented itself as the artistic Spanish city that all must visit while traveling to Europe. This invigorating hot spot will house the 31st European Film Awards in 2018 where visitors can relish in the up-and-coming films concerning critical societal issues. The architectural design of this city is nestled in with three fundamental UNESCO Heritage sites, including the Alcazar Palace and the Metropol Parasol. The city’s cathedral is an impressive site to visit as it holds the memories of the father of navigation with Christopher Columbus’ burial site.

Oslo, Norway

Often shadowed by its neighboring countries, 2018 is the year of Norway’s capital city. The cherished King and Queen of the nation will be celebrating their 50th year anniversary, thus rewarding the public with year-long festivities of culinary, cultural and artistic experiences. A fanfare of ostentation and pageantry will be aplenty, to say the very least. The Oslo Opera House is a must on your travel list as they too will be celebrating an anniversary. Rejoice with live theatrics and opera singers in celebration of their 10 year birthday.