Tips for Self Defense

It’s a jungle out there. It’s a dangerous world for anyone, which makes it necessary to know some basic tricks for staying safe. Self defense can come in many forms, from breaking your attacker’s nose to simply avoiding the dangerous situation in the first place. Once you’ve memorized a few methods of self defense, you’ll feel better prepared to face threats. Take a look at some of these suggestions to better prepare yourself for potential danger.

Preventing The Situation

Prevention is the best solution, so it’s important to stay vigilant about your safety by avoiding dangerous situations. Always use your street smarts, and trust your instincts. Don’t ever feel pressured into doing something unsafe–if the situation feels sketchy, it likely is. There are common schemes that thieves and attackers use on unsuspecting victims, and being knowledgeable about these can help you avoid danger. For example, if a stranger offers to help carry your boxes (or asks you to help them with theirs), tell them no. Another common tactic is for someone to yell for help outside your home late at night, in the hopes that you’ll open the door and let them in. Instead, to play it safe, simply call 911 for them from behind your door. Do not allow yourself to be forced into a vulnerable position.

Staying Alert

Other tips for staying safe include being alert. If you’re outside walking, especially late at night, don’t wear headphones or play your music too loudly. Be sure that you can always hear what is occurring around you, and stay aware of your surroundings. When approaching a corner, walk wide so that you have enough personal space to yourself should you suddenly encounter anyone.

Non-Aggressive Self Defense

When prevention doesn’t work and you find yourself face to face with a threat, you’ll need an intelligent plan of response. Some of the best means of fighting back don’t involve going on the offense, but instead attempting to scare away your attacker. Simple techniques, like pressing the panic button on your car key fob, or keeping a panic-alarm on your keychain, are great ways of stopping a threat. If you don’t have access to these items, screaming and attracting as much attention as possible will often prove just as useful. It’s human nature to panic at the sound of a siren, and most criminals will run for fear of other passerby coming to assist you. Responding calmly, or unexpectedly, are also ways to ward off an attacker, but remember to only do so when it’s your best option.

Aggressive Self Defense.

If you find that you’d rather be prepared for going on the offense, and physically fighting back, there are several simple methods of self defense to employ. One of the quickest is to kick your attacker as hard as you can in their knee or groin. This will provide you with some extra time to run away, and you’ll likely be able to outrun them as they recover from your strike. Other techniques include an upward palm strike to break their nose, or using a common handheld item (like a comb or pen) to target their most vulnerable areas, like their eyes.

Combat Training.

For some, especially those who are smaller in size, most basic techniques may not be enough to feel secure. If you want to feel ready for anything, consider learning a martial art like Jiu Jitsu. Since learning martial arts techniques tend to level the playing field, you will have a better chance of deflecting an attack even if your attacker is much larger than you. Take a self defense or martial arts class, and regularly practice what you’ve learned. While no criminal should be underestimated, it’s often true that a criminal is half as scared as you are. Almost no attacker will continue to threaten you if you make their job difficult–by shouting, turning on an alarm, or fighting back.

With self defense knowledge, you’ll be able to walk through life with a little more confidence, knowing you’re better prepared to handle tough situations. If an attack ever does come your way, you’ll be ready. Knowing some simple self defense moves could potentially save your life, so taking a little time to memorize a few is well worth the effort.