These 5 job search tips are long dead

Getting the right job advice these days is damn hard. We have too ‘traditional’ people around us, telling us to apply, apply, and apply for as many jobs as possible – it doesn’t really matter which kind of job. The more you apply, the more your chances of getting a job. Then we tend to follow the advice, get ourselves into the zombie application world, and flood offices and emails with our resumes.

These types of job tips probably worked when your grandpa finished university some years back. But this is 2017 and sticking to these job advice speak ill of any job seeker and show how they are outdated. So if you are a job seeker, these are the tips to avoid.

Jobs are Scarce – accept your first offer

Jobs are scared – that’s a fact. But taking your first offer isn’t going to solve anything. A lot of job seekers make that mistake and later regret. There are a lot of things that will go into your job offer: the salary, the extra benefits, the working conditions, and the hours. If these conditions are good enough for you, there is no problem going in for your first job offer. If they don’t suit you, you better walk away. There will be a second or third job for you if you hustle hard.

Your history is no more important

So you go about watching anything, posting anything, and doing anything online? Your employers won’t even get to know because they don’t check your history – background check is dead. That is what many say, but it’s actually not true. The background check sector is touted as being above $1.5 billion dollars. So what does that money serve? Checking cheating husbands and wives? No. background check before and after interviews form a chunk of the industry and you should be careful of what you do and where you do what.

Be grateful and don’t negotiate

Just because an organization might offer you a job doesn’t mean you shouldn’t negotiate. They are not hiring you for free. It’s your knowledge they want and if you feel like you are not paid enough, you shouldn’t listen to the advice that since the employer is taking you in, there is no need to negotiate. Just keep quiet and go with the flow. This is surely a wrong advice and job seekers should feel free to negotiate if working conditions are not favorable to them.

Apply, apply, and to every related job

The fact that you graduated with an Accounting Degree doesn’t mean you are fit for every accounting job. We are advised to just apply to as many institutions as we want, come home and wait in vain. That’s a bad advice.

Employers are looking for quality and not quantity. Each application has to be tailored to the goals of the organization. This gives you a better understanding of what you are doing, and that positions you ahead of the competition.

Applying to every company with a single resume

Maybe you are fit to undertake every job that comes your way, but your resume will never be. In the past, the advice was just to write a resume and distribute it out. But remember that you have to do away with submitting one CV for many jobs. Try to tailor your resume to fit each and every job application and you are on the right path to making it successful

Searching for a job in these times is not easy. The competition is so tight, and the winners are those with good resumes and know what they are about. Don’t let the times beat you out of the job market.