The technology you need to give up smoking

Everyone knows that giving up smoking is a tough challenge. But, fortunately, there’s new technology on the market that means going cold turkey no longer has to be an option when you’re trying to kick the habit. Today, you’ve got a huge range of technology products to try out, so you can find the right one for you.

Statistics from the US show that almost seven out of ten adults that smoke want to give up completely. However, the struggles mean that many don’t succeed after suffering from withdrawal symptoms, stress, or weight gain; with as many as 90% lighting back up again at some point despite their best efforts. Withdrawal symptoms in particular can be difficult to manage and can range from feeling irritable to having trouble concentrating. But with the right plans in place it is possible to control and reduce the hold of the side effects smokers experience.

If you’re keen to stop smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes, these technology innovations could help you.

Using an e-cigarette

The debate around e-cigs and e-juice might still be going on but recent research has concluded that it is a healthier alternative to smoking traditional cigs. For those that have found it hard to break the habit, e-cigarettes are an ideal solution as they mimic the routines you’ve already established when smoking. If smoking has been an activity that you do when you’re feeling stressed, using an e-cig can be a better habit that can still help you calm your nerves – it’s also a cheaper option too. E-cigarettes could be the technology to invest in to improve your chances of turning your back on smoking.

Nicotine e-juice

This one might tie in with e-cigarettes, but it deserves a listing all of its own. E-cig liquid that contains nicotine can really help you manage those challenging withdrawal symptoms. Nicotine is the part of tobacco that’s highly addictive. However, it’s not the component that contains many of the chemicals that can cause damage to your health. As a result, using e-juice can help you give up while still giving your body a boost. For those that love the taste of a cigarette, there is an option that can tackle those cravings too – tobacco e-liquid, bringing the flavour that you’ve been seeking.

Smartphone apps

There really is an app for everything these days and that includes more than a few apps to help you give up smoking. There are several dedicated apps aimed at people wanting to kick their cigarette habit, from ones that allow you to keep track of how many cigarettes you’re smoking, for when you plan to cut down gradually, to ones that will give you a motivational message or tips when you need it the most. Using an app means you always have something at hand to offer you support when you need it the most, even if it is just keeping your hands busy.

The World Wide Web

One of the great things about modern technology is the power it’s given us to communicate. It’s something you can really use to your advantage when you need support and advice as you quit smoking. In just a few clicks of a mouse or taps on a screen, you’ll be able to find communities of other wannabe non-smokers like yourself, or the supportive advice of those that have succeeded. It’s a simple way to vent your frustrations at the struggles you’re having and receive helpful recommendations from others that understand just how tough it can be – you might even find yourself sharing your own tips.

Try laser acupuncture

This one might sound like it’s from a sci-fi film if you haven’t come across it before, but it can really help when you’re battling cravings. It uses low-level lasers to target points that are associated with acupuncture points on your body, including those that are linked to addiction and stress. It’s a new method but there are plenty of claims that it can help patients quit by reducing the impact of withdrawal symptoms and powerful cravings. With no side effects, it could be a cessation technology that’s worth a shot if you’ve struggled with giving up tobacco in the past.