The Struggles of Working a Desk Job

It’s probably safe to say that most people who are stuck behind a desk all day aren’t too happy with their jobs. Even if you’re doing something that you absolutely love to do, not being able to get up and stretch out for more than an hour a day is pretty rough. It’s pretty impossible to get those 10,000 recommended steps in when you only stand up to make paper copies, and not to mention how your legs nearly give out everyday walking back to your car at 5:00 because they’ve gotten just about zero use for the passed eight hours. Working a desk job isn’t fun, but there are certain struggles that everyone in the business can relate to.

Those nasty neck and back aches

If you haven’t already invested in one of those gel pads for your chair, do it before there’s no going back. Sitting, hunched over your desk all day long is going to take a toll on your body. You would think that sitting there with little to no movement would actually preserve your aging body, but no. By the time you leave the office at night you’re going to need to lay down.

Feeling yourself going blind

If you’re working at a desk, you’re probably spending most of your time staring at a laptop or desktop screen. The average person actually spends 10 hours of their day being exposed to the blue light that radiates from this type of technology. While getting some blue light from the sun is good for vision development, sitting so close to your computer for so long can actually lead to permanent conditions. Luckily, companies have created what’re called computer glasses to help save your eyes. These should lessen or prevent those headaches, dry eyes, and soreness altogether.

You hoard snacks in your desk

You don’t have to get up to do your job, so why force yourself to get up to eat? Everyone has that stash of candy, chips, nuts, etc. in their bottom drawer, but it’s really affecting your diet. Of course you’re never going to change it, those snacks will stay there until their finished (and then you know you’ll replenish them). In combination with never getting in any exercise, the snack stash just works against you.

Lacking proper exercise

You know you’re long overdue for a run, but you’re not willing to wake up any earlier than you absolutely have to in order to get into work on time. You figure you’ll just get to the gym after work, but that never happens because you’re way too tired from all the headaches you had to deal with throughout the day. You can’t even get a walk in during your lunch break because you’re dressed in business casual and you’ll sweat right through that blouse. Well, it looks like fat and happy is the only option.

You don’t even know how bad your caffeine addiction is

One cup before you leave in the morning, a travel mug to combat the aggravation of traffic, and then you lose count on how many cups of coffee you have between 9 am and lunch time. Honestly, it could be 4 or 5. By the time you’re shaking from the overload you can’t even remember standing up to fill your cup. That’s okay, coffee is good for you right?

Close quarters means co-existing

Since everyone’s working diligently on his or her computer, the office is pretty quiet during the day. Oh, except for the guy next to you who sound like he’s stomping on his keyboard and the lady behind you that is the only person in the history of the world who can multi-task by talking and working. Of course, that’s not a talent of yours so you politely get no work done while she rambles on about her niece and nephew who visited last weekend, but you keep your cool. Hmmm…Are headphones rude?