The Perks of Being a School Counselor

Students in their crucial development years need guidance to unlock their full potential. It is helpful to receive help from someone outside the family, which is why school guidance counselors play such an important role in society. They provide important mental health and educational support services. Students can advance more effectively through their school careers as a result, and ultimately become better people.

School Counselors are equipped to resolve student issues, having obtained specialist knowledge in their academic years. They can assist parents and teachers significantly, especially if they have a relatable personality that resonates with students. If you think you have what it takes to become a student counselor, you can lay the foundation for career development by studying a school counselor online degree. You can also benefit from the advantages of online learning, which include improved flexibility, freedom of learning, and reduced costs.

If you’re wondering why you should study a school counselor degree, here are some top reasons why school counseling is a rewarding and enjoyable choice:

Vacation Time

As a student counselor you’ll enjoy ample vacation time. It’s the equivalent of revisiting your school years, because when students are on vacation, much of the time, you are too. You’ll be looking at working about nine to ten months out of each year, and are afforded the luxury of having summer off. This is beneficial if you’re a parent with responsibilities to your kids or if you enjoy the prospect of enjoying summer without being held down by work. Additionally, you’ll have time off over Christmas and Spring Break, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work over these periods if you want too. There are often various opportunities to earn additional income if you wish.

Meaningful Work

There are many professionals which view you as another statistic, but counseling isn’t one of them. You can help students overcome obstacles, assisting them with social, developmental, and family problems. This is a great way to make a living because you’re making a real difference in society. It is a rewarding profession that some consider the best profession in the world, especially since you’re partly responsible for shaping future generations.

Diverse Responsibilities

There’s never a dull moment in school counseling. You’ll deal with students from various backgrounds, and each case is unique. You might be busy, but your day will be anything from boring. Duties include:

  • Meeting with students individually to discuss any issues they’re having
  • Consulting with teachers to provide insight on personal concerns expressed by students
  • Administering tests so students can discover their personal interests and talents
  • Providing advice about financial aid
  • Helping students through the college application process
  • Highlighting career paths and teaching job interview skills

Social Interaction

If you’re an outgoing person who enjoys frequent social interaction, school guidance counseling may align with your aspirations. Your days will be filled with interactions with students, teachers, parents, and support staff. You’ll become more sociable as a result, improving your communication skills significantly. Guidance counseling is a great career path if guiding and educating others intrigues you.