The High Cost Of Education Are Making Students Creative

Students and their parents usually borrow or spend thousands of dollars on college education. Although the expense is quite high, the end result of incurring such an expense can be quite rewarding. But what is this reward? The answer is upward movement in life, and if the answer in your mind is the same, then you are one of those people who are agreement with one common fact – college education is the ultimate stepping stone towards a successful and prosperous professional life. But now coming back to the topic – what about the expense that a parent or grandparent or any other legal guardian has to incur for the sake of his or her child’s bright future? What sort of incentive or reward should they expect? Also, the various companies and foundations who offer student scholarships – what sort of reward or return should they expect? But an even bigger question has come up in the last couple of years. With the ever increasing cost of education, will parents, grandparents and foundations be able to continue with the generous efforts to put bright young minds through college? Let us find out if this will be possible in the coming future.

Why competition among students can be considered the main culprit

The biggest problem that exists in any economy is that the cost of education is not commensurate with the cost of food and living, or with the increasing or fluctuating rate of inflation we witness in every financial quarter. But colleges and universities seem to never learn from their economic mistakes, and continue to increase the rates every year, leading to a cost level that most people find hard to afford.

Many economists and education experts are of the opinion that the students are to blame. Students always have demands – demands for better amenities, food and campuses, demands for better teachers and teaching methods, and many others. But these demands come at a price. A college or university has no other choice but to increase annual tuition fees to meet these demands.

And since some believe that students are at fault, they are left with the responsibility of making arrangements for an extra source of income. Even some female students are seeking arrangement tips for unconventional sponsors, to say the least. With, sometimes morally questionable methods, of paying for tuition fees can be attractive, the classical, old school methods, could still work.

  • Applying for grants and scholarships – A student can always try to ease the financial load on his or her parents or grandparents, by applying for grants and scholarships. These are given to students with an excellent academic record. So all you need to is study and get good grades.
  • Working as a tutor – Almost every college and grad student can get jobs as a tutor, teaching students of a similar or lower level. This allows them to brush up on their own lessons, as well as earn a few bucks on the side.
  • Earn by taking notes – Earning an extra income by taking notes on behalf of your classmates is another fine idea. Some of your classmates might be into studying less and partying more. These classmates of yours will happily pay you for your notes-copying skills.