Zach Evans – Next Level Pianist

We never know where life is leading us. But if we let ourselves take the ride, as Zach Evans did, it leads to the next level with a million-dollar business. Zach is an entrepreneur, music producer, and pianist. As a teacher of piano online, he offers free courses, Become A Piano Superhuman, and Best Piano Tips plus premium courses with membership. This young man is edgy, talented, and has built his business by emphasizing quality rather than quantity. 

Zach encourages learning the piano by making it fun, and with his in-depth study of learning techniques, may also make it faster. Currently, the six courses and two eBooks, where he teaches techniques, playing by ear, and music theory, are online. The ebook, Lightning Fast Piano Scales: A Proven Method to Get Fast Piano Scales in 5 Minutes a Day is a bestseller on Amazon.

He wasn’t always into music. Growing up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with five siblings, there wasn’t a lot of money. His dad was a physical education teacher, and Zach was more into sports than piano. Zach got a track and field scholarship for The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, where he was initially majoring in math. Who knew years later, the young boy from Milwaukee would give a TED Talk.

It wasn’t until he suffered an injury that kept him from participating in sports, that he discovered the healing attributes of music. Not being social and not having a lot of friends, Zach became depressed.

He discovered an old piano In the basement of his dorm that was available for anybody to play. For two years, Zach played for hours, mostly learning from YouTube. It was cathartic, and he began to fall in love with music. Not only did Zach study other pianists but also celebrities in other fields such as memory techniques and language learning skills. This love motivated him to change his major. 

Zach didn’t let it stop him when the auditions to get into music required classical, and he had been concentrating on pop. Other artists and their practice strategies became his teachers as he delved further into research. 

After building up his repertoire, Zach barely passed the audition. The competition consisted of some people who had been playing since kindergarten. However, at the end of four years, including hours of practice, he graduated as one of the top musicians in the program.

After college, Zach moved to Nashville, TN, and started teaching piano using his acquired learning skills to adult students. Desiring to share his knowledge with others, Zach put the courses online. That’s when he discovered what a large market there was for learning to play the piano. The videos went viral, and he had 100,000 subscribers. 

Now he collaborates with artists, produces music, and is an entrepreneur. Check him out on FaceBook and Instagram. It all began when his friends and family motivated him by saying, “I can’t believe you can play the piano!”