Why Is Education So Important?

You must have come across the proverb ‘knowledge is power’. This is entirely true. Nothing is more important in this world than education. Our elders have been emphasizing all their lives that acquiring education is instrumental to our success. In fact it is the most valuable asset one can possess.

We often confuse education with school, college and university life. It surely plays an important role but we educate ourselves throughout our lives. Life is an ever-learning process. Nevertheless, education is all about learning and here are some reasons why the world is emphasizing so much on its attainment:

To be happy

Education has a direct relation with happiness. The primary reason for this is that it forms your personality. Education makes you more aware. It allows you to understand different aspects of this world which ultimately leads to a development of worthy character that other respects. It is crucial for a good social reputation.

Another aspect associated with education is money. In this competitive world, only those people are able to secure their jobs who are graduated from reputable universities. This is why it is not important to get education but of good quality. No one can deny the fact that money is important for survival today and the way to money is education. In fact many psychological studies have proven that money has a direct relation to happiness.

Acquire skills

Education is the best mentor. It can allow you to acquire different kinds of skills. The world is leading towards an innovative age where people are only valued if they have a certain set of skills. From writing and editing to speaking and debating, it teaches us all. Education will surely teach you how to acquire those expertise. Whether you want to become a doctor, an engineer, a lawyer or even a sportsmen, you need to educate yourself about the field.

Economic growth of a nation

Education is not only about personal development. There is a reason why the world is placing so much emphasis on global literacy rate. The primary reason is economic growth which will ultimately result into better standards of living. There are countries like Canada where the literacy rate is staggeringly high and this is why they are economically prosperous.

Makes world a safer place

This is another important reason why governments are allocating massive amounts of budget on education and why we should follow the same trend. Education gives us the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. An educated person knows what is morally correct and incorrect. In fact, people who are illiterate are often poor who then direct towards illegal actions and criminal activities. Some surveys have shown that poverty is the root of crime. Hence education is important to maintain peace and harmony in a society.


Above reasons showed how important education can be in this day and age. Although this is not an exhaustive list. Importance of education is something that simply cannot be detailed fully in words.