Studypool’s Rise in EdTech

Think back to your college or high school days. Or, if you’re still in school, think back to your last hell week. Anyone familiar with the term busy work? Wish it never was a thing?

I’m talking about those generic, recycled essay prompts or multiple choice question banks that teachers use year after year. While these prompts virtually never change, they ironically require original and thoughtful responses from students. What better way to provoke and engage critical thinking?

Among the casualties of such exercises, which are repeated ad nauseum nationwide in the United States, are depression, multiple all-nighters, and false positives for plagiarism stemming from commonly used sources or phrases. A terrifying mix of bureaucracy and academia, busy work threatens what’s left of the “college experience” after backbreaking student loan debt.

Studypool offers a unique solution to all of these woes: time, stress, anxiety, and confusion all stemming from busy work. Its global marketplace and enterprise allows people from all over the world to access resources and connect with others in similar situations. Imagine having a future version of yourself to help guide you through understanding difficult concepts in your back pocket, accessible at any time.

Studypool Reignites Growth in the Maturing EdTech Space

“Our recent emphasis on selecting passionate tutors capable of providing an unforgettable first experience as well as tutors who love engaging and teaching has led to strides for the successful outcomes of our user base,” Studypool CEO Richard Werbe notes, reflecting on the company’s direction. “Drawing from a diverse workforce located across the United States, South America, and Asia has also created massive opportunities for our business to understand how these workforces dynamically integrate on a global level.”

“The distinguishing factor between Studypool and other EdTech marketplaces lies in how it balances a relatively laissez-faire market with a thorough vetting process for tutor registration,” Eivind Grønn, the head of product and a co-founder of Studypool, elaborates, “Coming up with methods to constructively utilize these countervailing forces allows the business to rapidly adapt at scale with minimal overhead.”

“It has always been Studypool’s mission to help students make that critical breakthrough in understanding complex topics,” notes Richard Yu, head of tutor quality. Along with Studypool’s multi-million dollar success and consecutive, annual winning streak, the company still has much room for growth in this continually expanding and incredibly competitive market which requires very nuanced customer service detail.

The Progress of EdTech Marketplaces

As the EdTech marketplace begins to mature, the roles, niches, and potential inherent in all companies also becomes more and more apparent. For instance, the past dominance and fame of SparkNotes is becoming slowly overshadowed by study guides offered on a variety of different sites.

Over the past two decades, the sheer amount of influence that SparkNotes wielded as a revolutionary first-mover in the EdTech space had started to wane as more and more sites with variegated customer service approaches and content delivery methods joined the fray, showing how hard it is to thrive consistently in this space.

Additionally, while good-intentioned, EdTech companies have often struggled to toe the line between helping students and becoming complicit in cheating themselves. The biggest obstacle to growing in the EdTech space occurs when students abuse these service platforms.

On the contrary, other websites have been labelled as contract cheating sites for their lack of due diligence in monitoring student attempts to use their platform unethically. In some cases, the willful ignorance of these sites show a darker and more irresponsible side to some of these platforms, and demonstrate how it is important for companies to have a set of core values that they stick to as they grow.

The Way Forward

Looking towards the future, the advent of technologies imply a path that forward that is heavily reliant on human ingenuity. Of course, proper education and EdTech stand as cornerstones to this development. As we find more and more ways to integrate new developments with old traditions, our ability to make each process more efficient, streamlined, and effective will form a positive feedback loop.