Get to know Chris Yangello and his flair for video creation

Passion can be realized at any age. While some realize it at the young age of 15, some others find out what they truly love doing at the age of 45. It doesn’t matter what age you find out what you love doing, what matters is that you pour your heart and soul into pursuing your passion once you’ve obtained a sense of direction.

One such individual who has pursued his passion from a young age is Chris Yangello. Sixteen-year-old Chris is currently a junior in high school, but his true passion lies in video creation. He fell in love with photography and videography as a child and his interest in videography has helped him achieve tremendous success in the world of content creation. Chris is observant, sharp and has an amazing eye for detail and all this together makes his videos a delight to watch!

While most boys and girls his age are focusing on education, Chris has a different agenda in mind. He is working with big industry names and capturing them on camera, embellishing his cap one feather at a time! Currently, Chris is creating content for Sony Music Entertainment under their REDMusic Label division. He has also conducted brand deals with multiple companies ranging from clothing brands to record labels. But that is not all. Chris also runs a lifestyle brand called Forever. Truly, he is out to achieve it all and nothing can stop him!

We’ve all had a mentor who applauds us when we do well and who has our back when we don’t. Chris is no different. Talking about his mentor, Chris says, “I’d like to give a personal thank you to Ellen Wilson at Sony Music. She’s been the absolute best! Ellen has given me several opportunities and is never afraid to answer my questions, as silly or naïve as they may be.” But Chris’ journey hasn’t been without struggles. Different people across different industries don’t take kindly to young talent. Unfortunately, the media industry is no different. Chris faces his own share of challenges, but he overcomes them in his own unique manner.

Talking about how he began taking videos, Chris says, “From the first time I picked up a camera and started to create, I knew that this was something that I wanted to devote my life to. The best part about doing what I do is seeing the people who watch my videos genuinely enjoy the content that I am putting out. It’s a competitive world, but I’m just happy to be doing what I love.”

Working with Sony Music Entertainment has been great for Chris as the label is associated with big names like Lil Skies, 6lack, Trippie Redd, LovelyTheBand and many more. While talking about his work, Chris gushes, “One thing about my job is that you never know what’s coming next. One day you’re filming the Lil Skies’ Concert and the next day you’re at Cash Cash in Philadelphia, PA!”

Chris is proof that you’re never too young or too old to pursue your passion. He is truly living his dream and he wouldn’t have it any other way!