5 Ways a Job Agency Can Help You in the Interview Process

You probably understand how a job agency can assist you in finding the right person for your company. You might have been using the agency for job postings and the screening of the initial applicants. However, do you know that job agencies can help you in the interview process?

There is a myriad of ways a great job agency can assist you during the interview process and make the entire process run smoothly and efficiently. This is how.

1. Help You Get the Right Person to Interview.

Once a job post is advertised, there are many applications which are sent. It doesn’t make sense to call all those applicants for an interview. It is not only uneconomical but also tedious. So, it is good to sort the best potential candidates for interview.

Job agency helps you pick the right candidates who best fit the position you want to be filled. Recruitment agencies offer the best screening process that enables you to get the most qualified candidates for interview.

2. Conduct Initial Interviews.

Conducting interviews consume most of your work time. For instance, assume you are interviewing ten applicants weekly, and each takes approximately an hour. That means you will spend a lot of time intended for work.

An agency in Toronto do screening for the candidates and choose qualified ones for the interview with you. This saves time since you will be interviewing fewer candidates and the only outstanding ones.

3. Administer Tests.

Some recruiters administer screening tests to potential candidates. This could be done before the interview or after. There are cases where it is carried out alongside the interview.

A job agency Toronto can help in preliminary screening. They can either administer these tests after the interview or before.

4. Make Scheduling Easier.

Scheduling can be made efficient when you choose to work with a job agency in Toronto. The agency works with you to know which days you are available and then schedules the interview for you. That gives you time to prepare for what to ask.

5. Prepare You To Ask Better Questions.

A recruitment company can help you with the kind of questions to ask during the interview. These staffing companies are always kept abreast on the market trends especially on staffing, so they may prepare you with new questions you should ask.

Besides, they can give the finest questions to ask for specific positions you want to fill. They tell you the right questions and why you should ask such questions, and that helps get the right candidate for the position.

Now that you have interviewed all candidates, you can choose the right one to fill the position and get the work started.