How to Write Better Essays?      

Writing an essay can be a fairly easy job for anyone if they follow the right way. Most of us get frustrated by the lack of coherence and substance in our essays which is why we get anxious if we have to write one again. Many of us have all the right research and excellent points but just cannot seem to put them together in one well-written essay. We are here to solve that problem for you.

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Moving on, let us discuss some tips you can use to write better essays:


Most of us remember brainstorming as something our teachers made us do as a kid. You should know that this is something that helps you in writing essays no matter how old you are. While you are researching your essay, you should write down every point which you find is important for your essay. Write them down in your essay in order of most to least important.


Use the basic format of an introduction, body and conclusion. Include a thesis statement in your introduction. Paragraph generously throughout the essay as it makes it easier to read. Use examples and statistics in your body paragraphs to strengthen your arguments. Keep in mind to never stat personal opinions throughout the body of the essay. Also make sure that you do not use cliché openings for your conclusions.


As we mentioned before, you must use statistics and examples for each point. For every example that you use or any quotation you may take from another source, cite a reference for it at the end of the essay. This will greatly enhance the validity of your essay and increase the chances of you scoring a lot higher.


Synonyms must be your best friends while writing essays. Unless it is valid jargon, you should not use the same word over and over again no matter how fancy it is. If you run out of words you can also use relevant phrases and clauses to fulfill your purpose. Use a thesaurus or a dictionary website for this. Remember that no matter how good and fancy a word may sound you must not use it unless you are absolutely sure of what it means. It is highly frustrating for a reader or an examiner to come across words that are out of context.


For this you have to make sure that you do not wait till the last minute to finish your essay. If you finish it a few hours before the deadline, chances are that you will probably skip out on the proofreading. Remember to run your finalized essay through a spellchecker and read it yourself as well to eliminate any mistake that has been overlooked.