How to Write a Better Essay?

Writing an essay seems to be a scary task amongst students. Whether you are writing an essay for a contest, your exam or a university application, it can entail some overwhelming aspects. Since we all know the paramount importance of writing an essay, no one can skip it.

Everyone once in their life has said the words: write my paper for me. But one cannot keep on doing this for the rest of their lives. Learning how to write an essay can be essentially important in different aspects of lives. Here are some tips to formulate a better essay:

An effective topic

Every essay has an objective. Either you want to narrate an incident, describe an event, from a report about something or any other reason. This requires you to choose the topic effectively. Think about the content you are writing and choose the topic accordingly. Topic is the first thing that reader will put their eyes on. This makes it crucially important since it is the first impression you make on your readers.

Prepare an outline

Don’t just start writing impulsively. In order to write a good essay, you need to have an organized outline. Brainstorm your ideas, put it on a paper and connect them. Link the ideas properly as this structure will be the basis of your essay. It is not necessary to involve all of your ideas into the essay but having an outline will help you determine which points need to be added in the actual essay and what needs to be exempted.

The three paragraphs

Your essay can comprise of as many paragraphs as you want but there are three main paragraphs involved in all kinds of essay namely introduction, body and conclusion. Each paragraph serves a different purpose.

Introduction of your essay is the attraction factor of your essay. It introduces the reader to what the following content will contain. Make sure your introduction connects with the thesis statement.

Body is the next main paragraph which is an argument or an explanation of the topic. It is an elaboration of the outline you have created above. Write more content relevant to your original thoughts. Finally you have the conclusion that finishes your essay. It sums up all the ideas with a final provision of your ultimate perspective. It is a summarized review of your main points and reinforces the thesis.

Finishing touches

Once you have formed the essay, don’t just submit it without going through. It is important to read the whole essay again to figure out the mistakes you made. Pay attention to all small details. Check whether each and everything is in order. Double check your essay and see if everything makes sense. Make amendments if needed.


This is how you can form a better essay. Following these simple steps can elevate the quality of essay you are writing. Just keep in mind that your content must be original and say no to plagiarism.