Five Best Places for Online Courses

Online courses are a great convenience for students and people who wish to learn new skills. They can be done in the safe vicinity of your house and do not require as much time and effort as going to a specific academy or an institution does.

Online courses can be free or require payment. Many courses that require payment also give certification for the completion of that specific course.

The real issue with online courses is finding reliable websites for them. Some of the best ones include:


Coursera is a website which aims at students and people who wish to gain new skills. It offers a number of different courses which include learning programming languages, math skills, algorithm writing and even medical sciences.

Coursera provides courses taken from some of the top universities in the world like Duke, John Hopkins and University of Pennsylvania.

Joining Coursera is free of cost and they also certify the courses you complete from there.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the most widely acclaimed and accredited websites that provide course material for many subjects and a range of topics like economics, physics and medicine. It has material for all of this in the form of notes and video-based lectures.

They aim to deliver quality education to all sorts of people in the world and are mainly focused on students who need help with studies.

On their website, you can even find statistics about how well the students who use this facility are performing.

If you wish to learn any programming language that exists in this world, you need to use This websites offers free online programming courses for everyone. Becoming a member of this site is also free of cost.

Some of the languages you can excel in by using this website include C++, JavaScript, Python, HTML and even WordPress. If you are an expert in a language yourself, you can also submit your own tutorial for mastering that language. This website has been proven to be of great convenience to people who wish to master their programming skills.


Udemy is one of the most coveted websites that offer courses online. They have an extremely versatile range of courses that they provide for almost every person. Whether you wish to add a new skill to your resume or excel at a programming language or just be a good student, Udemy is the place to go.

Membership in Udemy is not free but they regularly offer discounts.

Hack Design

If you are a newbie in the world of web design and such, Hack Design is the place to go. They offer interactive content and have hired professionals from all over the world for the purpose of teaching design. They have even planned a list of design tools to make it easy to figure out which ones to master.

Hack Design is the most ideal website for web designers.