Different Types of Essays

So you have received another assignment and ready to think about your topic. If your professor requested a certain topic and style of writing, then you don’t have a much of a choice but to follow. On the other hand, if your assignment doesn’t determine a particular type of writing, you are free to decide what type fits your topic, writing skills and personality.

If you like to explain and defend a certain point of view – this can come in handy. You might choose a persuasive type of writing and express your position about the topic.

Maybe, you don’t really like to argue, but you are a descriptive talent. You are gifted with colorful language and narrative skills, then you can choose a descriptive essay.

Whatever you choose, your task will be more enjoyable and successful if you suit the writing style and topic to your own skills and personal traits.

And for those who need some essay help and a piece of practical advice, we have prepared a small guide that describes different types of academic writing.

The most common essay types

  • Argumentative (persuasive) essay

This type of writing requires a deep research of the topic and significant data gathering. You have to familiarize yourself with a topic, come up with your own position, make a claim and support it with facts. You will find facts in the outside sources like books, journal articles, newspapers, etc. Using statistics, reliable opinions, and other evidence, you will support your ideas. Don’t forget to explain an opposing opinion, too.

  • Comparison essay

When your teacher asks you to compare and contrast two (or more) texts, concepts, or interpretations – you have to demonstrate differences and similarities between them. To do so, you will also have to make a profound research, think carefully, and explain what makes the difference. Try not to write the most obvious things and be sure to provide quotations and detailed examples.

  • Descriptive essay

A descriptive essays presents a full picture of a certain concept, event, or object. There are six main questions that should be covered in this essay: “What? Why? When? Where? How?”

  • Evaluation essay

This kind of essay not only describes an event, concept, or an object, but also explains its value, relevance, and importance. Do you think that something is important? Why?

  • Narrative essay

A narrative essays tells a story. When writing this type of work, you have to make your essay meaningful. It’s not just a story, but the one that reveals some lesson, point, or idea emerged from the narrative.

If you want to succeed in your essay writing, you have to find the best way to talk on your topic. Even the most boring topics include something interesting and inspiring, so put a little bit of soul into your paper and you will see how enjoyable your writing could be!