7 Essential Mac Apps for College Students

Laptops are also part of schooling as much as copy and pens, but they have their cons. Nowadays; Macs are becoming the popular choice for college students. Here are the seven essential Mac apps for college students.

1. iStudiez Pro

This is a very effective and organizer app designed specifically for students. Assignments, homework, essay deadlines, exams, class schedule and grades can be tracked easily. The best thing is everything is synced when used with other devices. The interface is intuitive and clean so you can work on the app without any distraction. Working on this app is a pleasure due to its elegant design. Students can track the schedule of homework and grades with good user experience. It is the best school planner app so far.

2. MacFly Pro

MacFly Pro is a called maintenance app for college students. It clears unwanted files from their devices. Most of the students have untidiness problems, especially when it comes to maintaining their laptops. They tend to have unnecessary copies of files, like essays, academic papers , innumerable photos and discarded apps cluttering their storage. This app is effective in detecting and deleting duplicate files on Macs. System junk and large files are also removed through this app to keep the device clean and free some additional free space.

3. Paste

Paste is a clipboard manager. It is particularly useful students as they have to deal with numerous subjects and they need multiple sources of information on a daily basis. This is difficult to manage thus this intuitive app can help a lot. With this app, everything which is copied is never lost, so it becomes easy to reuse the information that has been copied. The clippings are mainly stored on pin boards so that the user can organize by theme, file type and other attributes. This app is useful for revision and writing research papers or any other high volume task.

4. Manuscripts

This app is designed for academic papers creation. This means the footnotes, references and annotations can be handled very easily. The features are similar to standard text editors. The layout is intuitive as all the key features are It is only click away so restructuring and editing are effortless. You can perform academic writing in plain text format and publish on the Medium or Blog. It is not markdown app as it is freemium and has a nice interface. There is full writing environment for scholarly documents. For better essays, you can contact top essay writing service and improve the grades.

5. Giphy Capture

It is an app for creating gifs from pictures, video or anything that is happening on the screen. The illustrative power of gifs is clear and conclusive. How to guides, tutorials are easier to show in one picture than describing in a thousand words. Making videos is a time consuming process, with this app, you can get the message over with minimum effort. At the same time, you can incorporate text which helps visual learners.

6. Evernote

Evernote is the app to save the online internet resources. It is designed for organizing, note taking and checking task list. This is cloud based notes taking app and popular due to its easy interface and storing notes feature. You should start utilizing this useful app for your projects citation sources or references. You can save text note, voice messages, doodles, and entire web page in particular format. This is the best app for digital random stuff that you can always refer wherever you go. It helps in synching the notes and referring it as and when required.

7. Alfred

It is something between chatty Siri and Spotlight, understands very well what you are seeking and can find nearly anything. You need to simply by hitting the keyboard shortcut and start typing the name of the app in the new window. It will open the app that you need and can run. It is the fastest file app that can search anything without having the desktop version. This saves a lot of time and efforts for the students and they can spend their time in actual learning.

Final Words

These are some of the essential Mac Apps for college students, start utilizing them to boost the efficiency and save time while studying. This will also help to improve the grades in the exams.