5 Tips on How to Write an Article

Writing an article is an easy task when you know about your subject. Everything you want to do needs a bit of dedication, how miniscule the task might be – be it cleaning your desk, chopping onions ( you know you can do it ). It will take a while to catch up all this but once you do it will be worth it. Here are the 5 tips that will make it easier for you to write articles than you have known before.

Tip 1- know your audiences
The first things you should keep in mind is what and how your audience wants it to be delivered, knowing your audience is an important aspect to how you are going to deliver your essay. what your audiences want, what are their expectations. It can be achieved by putting yourself in their place or as an customer with expectations from a product or a brand, this way you can learn the needs and wishes of your audience.

Tip 2- Selecting a Topic
It’s easier when you are Selecting a topic or in case the topic is given to you or has been expected by an audience/ group. Choose something that interests you and you know your territory. You can pick up anything for example -what’s in your hand ? A pen, a mouse , a smartphone. The next thing you do is Write down everything you know about it in a piece of paper, a rough draft. You don’t have to analyze it right now its something you do later on, first you let it loose allow everything you know to flow out there on the paper.

Tip 3- Research
Research all your stuffs, try to get all those points that seems important to you

  • Pro’s and con’s
  • Statistics
  • Background
  • References ( Example. place and time, movies ,books)

Read and Collect every relevant piece of data available, later it will help your subject by giving it a ground in case you need justification or have to deal about the facts.

Tip 4- Tightening of Draft
Now it’s time to add all those researched data to your sketchy draft you have collected earlier. You can enhance your draft using the resources you have piled up by adding your data at the places you think its needed, keep it simple and don’t try to over explain it, just in case there’s an word limit. Check if all the ingredients are there and in the right balance.

Tip 5- Read , Rewrite & Revise

  • The last and the most important part where you need to read , rewrite and revise to make sure, if anything needs to be kicked out or needs to be added, where and how.
  • Friends or family can help you hear as a proof reader, correcting or revealing what has been missed or needs to be added.
  • Rewriting is the best way to ensure you have done well with your draft a few times , this makes sure if there’s omissions, need of adjustments and addition to the draft.
  • Revise it till you know, you have delivered all the expectations and facts to the point.

Now you are ready to go for it, Good luck.