5 Things That Helped me Use my Vision Board Better

Have you heard of a vision board yet? Unless you’re living under a rock, you probably have, in some form or another. Vision boards are simply boards that are a visual representation of your ambitions and goals. There are even vision board apps now for a virtual vision board instead of a physical one.

But vision boards are not limited to just that. It’s more like knitting, the principle is same but you can be as creative and crafty as you want. The main things to keep in mind while making a vision board are that first, it is always supposed to be positive and inspirational and second, the purpose of the board should be clear.

I started creating my own vision board after I saw a few studyblrs’ post about their board. I have always thought of creating a studyblr of my own but never got around to it. But seeing the posts of their organised vision boards motivated me to start making my own. In this journey of 7 months, I have updated and changed my vision board multiple times. But during this course, there are a few things that helped me keep my vision board organised and get the most out of it.

Here are some of those things :

Wire Grid Panel

Wire grid panel is the most versatile and gorgeous thing I’ve added to my vision board. There are so many things you can do with it. You can attach pictures, lists, badges, ribbons, your favourite artistic pieces of earrings and what not. Everything I like is on my grid panel. Everything looks neat and organised on the grid panels. This is probably the best investment I’ve made so far.

Cork Board

A cork board is simply a pin board without any clothing. If you don’t like pin boards and find them boring or loud colored fabric, you can try cork boards which come in all kinds of sizes to fit your requirement. I have a narrow strip of cork board which I added to my vision board to pin memos of things that require attention like upcoming deadlines or tests or any event. You can also use these boards to pin up short term goals written on a paper or even shopping lists.

Binder Clips

Binder clips may be small but they’re extremely functional. I have a set of hollow frame binder clips which my mom gifted to me last Christmas. These rose gold beauties are my favourite things. You can use them to put pictures on your grid board, or hang them on a thumb pin and clip in your artwork or doodles. I also use smaller binder clips to hang little paper bags on my wall which I use to put my flashcards.

Color Coding

Color coding everything can help you locate things better on your vision board especially if you have a big Board like me. I use colored papers to code Whatever I put up on my vision board. All my favourite quotes are on orange papers, poetry on black papers, my goals on white papers, lists on blue papers. This also keeps your board organised. It’s a very easy trick and can help organise literally anything.

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes have always been my saviours. Their different shapes and sizes make them even more functional. Sticky notes are blaring papers that demand immediate attention.

So I usually use them on my vision board for anything I need to work on the same day or to write down my negative thoughts so that I can work on resolving that feeling and easily remove them later. They also give the board a ‘working’ look as in the board looks like it’s alive and is being worked on.

Each vision board is different because each one of us has a different approach towards ourselves, a different goal. So keep experimenting until you find a perfect way to utilise your vision board and keep updating your definition of perfect. If you haven’t started making your vision board but plan to, try using a vision board app first so that you can develop an understanding of how it works and what works best for you.