5 Obstacles People Find in Essay Writing

Writing has always been a noble action and it will always be valued in future. Whether you are getting into the field of literature or medicine, you need your writing skills to be polished. Whether you are forming a narrative piece or a research paper, writing essays are crucial to your success and it has always been challenging for students and sometimes for professionals as well.

Here are some common problems that students face like citing sources and elaboration of ideas. These can be addressed effectively by reading the below points. Have a look:

Getting started

This is the first problem every student faces. Getting started with an essay can be challenging. This is because most commonly every student begins the project without any pre-writing stage. You must take out time to identify the purpose of your essay and brainstorm all the points to achieve the ultimate goal. Organize your thoughts and write down pointers even if you wouldn’t include them in the essay. Read that material and then begin with your essay.

Thesis statements

Thesis statement is a sentence that is usually situated at the end of first or second paragraph. It is an explanation of your essay’s main point. Without a clear statement, it becomes pretty difficult to structure your ideas. One good technique is to make your thesis statement before you begin with body of the essay. You can even ask for advices from your teachers and batch-mates on how to make it more specific. Evaluate your thesis and then you are ready to move on.

Fear to fail

Everyone once in school say these words ‘do my essay for me’. The primary reason is their fear to fail. They struggle with insecurities relating to their weak writing abilities. They may have weak capabilities or have had negative experience earlier. They may even be scared to express themselves. They should remind themselves that first draft can never be perfect. Experiment with your abilities and you will see how confidence builds up in you resulting into a gradual success.

Cite sources

Citing sources is an important convention of essay writing. Unfortunately, there is a lot of confusion regarding this issue. Many are confused that it will lead to plagiarism. Many universities treat this severely so even one mistake can put you in hot water. This can be avoided by cautiously documenting sources as you carry on with you research.

Voice and audience

There is an objective behind writing an essay. Many students face an issue avoiding slang language and colloquial usage. Everyday speech pattern can be undesirable since your voice must fit in the formality of essay. You may also need to use complex language in order to make it sound better. However, this may be a misconception. Writing is about expression and not about impression. It can be written by adopting simple, clear and effective vocabulary that best compliments your topic. Make sure it is understood by targeted audience.